Quickly create a professional logo on your phone or tablet



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Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
Theres so many logo makers... what makes this different/better than the rest?
Krishna PrathabMaker@lastashero · CEO, XLabz Technologies
Hello @bentossell - thanks for your question. We have another product named Logo Foundry ( which has advanced tools to create a logo on a blank canvas. However, what we have noticed is that most of the non-designers (who are the target audience for these apps) struggle to come up with a decent enough design given the right tools and a blank canvas. That's when we saw a need for an app like Brandee which allows someone to create a basic logo real quick and with easy to use logo manipulation tools. Brandee is aimed at SME's or people who want to create a quick and non-critical brand identity for their small businesses or startups. Hope that makes sense :)
jeremy carson@thejeremycarson · Data-Driven Creative
@lastashero right, but what makes this tool different? your other tools seems nice.
Krishna PrathabMaker@lastashero · CEO, XLabz Technologies
@thejeremycarson The other ones offers a blank canvas and tools where you have to apply your creativity to design a logo. Here's the logos are pre made and one can just modify them to suit their taste.
Basil Farraj@basilfarraj · CTO & Founder @
Looks interesting! Will try it out :)
Ryan Edsall@rezn · indie games, apps & chats about them
XLabz Technologies PVT.. you guys made some fantastic apps and games for BlackBerry Playbook back when that tablet should have been thriving. I just noticed this app was from you and the team over there. I used to run a site called Berryfication back when I couldn’t get enough of everything BlackBerry. Anywho the app looks great. I’ll give it a shot and one can never have too many ways to make dope logos.
Krishna PrathabMaker@lastashero · CEO, XLabz Technologies
@rezn Thanks for your compliments Ryan! We will love to hear your feedback on Brandee.
Romain Lt@romain_lt · Web Developer 🤖
Excellent, I hope that we would have more themes soon ;)
Krishna PrathabMaker@lastashero · CEO, XLabz Technologies
Thanks for hunting us on @ProductHunt @kwdinc!