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Kevin William David


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Asaf Moses
Asaf Moses@asafmoses · CEO , Fit Analytics
Amazing. This is a game changer. Can I export the page to HTML?
Hayes Metzger
Hayes MetzgerMaker@hayesmetzger · Founder, Brandcast
@asafmoses Hey Asaf. Glad you're enjoying it! Currently we do not have HTML export, but we're happy to host your designs for free. We'll serve it insanely fast and make sure it's stable and secure. Exporting is something we have explored though and may look at in the future.
Max Weinstein
Max Weinstein@blazingwindstrm · Sales & BD, Tradecraft
@asafmoses @hayesmetzger Hi Hayes, curious if there have been any updates on the HTML export functionality since your PH launch?
Kevin Gauthier
Kevin Gauthier@kvgauthier · Co-Founder & Head of Design @
Went through a demo at SXSW and came super impressed with the careful thoughts that went into designing the UI and the overall experience. Talented folks here, will keep an eye out.
Asaf Moses
Asaf Moses@asafmoses · CEO , Fit Analytics
And. Can I import Sketch/P.Shop templates?
Sanchit Sharma
Sanchit Sharma@sanchitsh · Smartass UX & Design Ergonomist.
@asafmoses I was about to ask the same thing.
Hayes Metzger
Hayes MetzgerMaker@hayesmetzger · Founder, Brandcast
@sanchitsh @asafmoses Not currently, but great feature request.
Alex Weber
Alex Weber@lecanardmalade · Marketing & Design
Just tried this out and I love it! Nice work you guys! I am hooked :-)
Hayes Metzger
Hayes MetzgerMaker@hayesmetzger · Founder, Brandcast
@lecanardmalade Glad you're loving it, Alex. Looking forward to what you create!
Tayler@tayler2412 · Builder, Designer,
I think this particular product could definitely find its place in the market of professional design tools, the list includes a dominated player, webflow, but also webydo, macaw and the dramatic / political selection of adobe products (reflow edge (discontinued), purchased Brackets then made XD, seems a bit disorganized). Even Invision is trying to get into the game with their Sketch and PSD integration. In my opinion there are distinct differences between each of them that separates this market into two categories, prototyping tools VS code assistance tools (i.e. seeing your code, or pressing shortcodes to inject java, css, html, what Brandcast like Webflow and Webydo are attempting to do). But as a community lets remember ---> one of the largest hair twisting problems that agencies and design studios face is the PSD / Sketch / Napkin Drawing to HTML stage. Lastly lets remember John Maeda's recent statement: "If You Want to Survive in Design, You Better Learn to Code" (please Google this) --> well maybe with Brandcast and this new market of products were getting close John.