Brand Mentions [Pre-launch]

Find every relevant mention for your brand & competitors


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Adel de Meyer
Jesse Nalls
  • Adel de Meyer
    Adel de MeyerNew Media Specialist, Author and Mentor

    Sentiment analysis

    Relevant & correct data

    Instant mentions and links alerts

    Real time web traffic monitoring

    Personalized automated reports


    Looking forward to a mobile app version.

    BrandMentions is a full-stack marketing tool that can be best used to do:

    Reputation Management - shape and stay in control of your company’s image.

    Brand Monitoring - gain marketing insights about any company around the globe.

    Competitor Spying - expose and analyze your competitors’ strategies.

    Media Monitoring - monitor the web & social media for mentions of any business.

    Business Intelligence - identify market opportunities that will grow your company.

    Personal brands, small businesses and even enterprise level clients can all benefit greatly from using BrandMentions. Real-time monitoring and responding is becoming more and more important with such a fast pace online world we live in today. Having tried and tested relevant competitors to BrandMentions I can honestly say that the quality of data BrandMentions provide is better.

    Adel de Meyer has used this product for one month.
  • Jesse Nalls
    Jesse NallsAccount Executive, Constellix

    Great UI, Increased SEO, See where your Company name is being mentioned, as well as your competitors


    mobile app

    I have been using Brand Mentions for about 3 months now, and it has become an asset to my company. Having the ability to track any mention of my company allows me to see any feedback, and also helps with our product roadmap. I am a huge fan, and would recommend Brand Mentions to everyone!

    Jesse Nalls has used this product for one month.