BrandMentions is a web and social media monitoring tool. It allows you to track and engage in online conversations in real time. Works great for spying on your competitors, managing your brand reputation, media & brand monitoring, content marketing and much more.

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Hello Hunters! Founder of BrandMentions here. First of all I would like to thank Kevin @kwdinc for Hunting us. We are incredibly excited to launch v2.0 of BrandMentions. Our first version was simply a Free MVP that we launched two years ago. During this time we gathered feedback and built the product that is being launched today. Over 10k early-adopters have tested our platform until now. Today we launch the commercial version of BrandMentions. A much improved and better brand monitoring tool, with the biggest dataset of mentions behind it. That was also the reason why this tool was born. It all started with a personal frustration: I was unable to monitor my brands and the competitors accurately. None of the tools available on the market, be it free (Google Alerts) or commercial (even the high-end enterprise ones- those that you pay $X.XXX of $$$ monthly), were unable to send me accurate daily mentions for the brands that I was monitoring. Below is a summary of this release and why we think BrandMentions is an innovative brand monitoring tool: - We provide near real-time, daily or weekly e-mail alerts for mentions that appear on the web and on social. - We monitor your website traffic (via a tracking pixel that you add on your site) and deliver instant new link notifications. - We provide a Quick Mention Research Tool that allows you to instantly view the mentions for any keyword that you type in, for the last 30 days. - We provide smart filtering and detection for brands that use common words (Orange, Majestic, etc). - We provide in-depth filters and analytics. - Plus all the juicy stuff like: reports, sentiment analysis and historical mention recording and more. We already scanned over 9 billion mentions (9,434,894,231 ment to be more exact - at the moment I was writing this comment) during the 2 year beta/MVP period. I invite you all to get your extended trial (28 days) @ (only for our ProductHunt fans) Ping me your thoughts and questions!
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@kwdinc @razvan_gavrilas whoah that's a lot of mentions! Can you share some techy info on the backend? Algorithm, machine learning etc you are using for the product? #brandmentions #tech
@kwdinc @razvan_gavrilas super congrats on launching BrandMention V2 :) and btw, love the simple design you guys used on this landing page (and most of it, loved the teaser campaign).
@kwdinc @katairobi it means a lot coming from your Robert. appreciate it! looking forward to have you as a customer.
@kwdinc @razvan_gavrilas Any plans to launch an API so BrandMentions could be integrated into other tools?
@dharmesh looking into the possibilities of doing this. If we’ll do it will probably be some kind of API license for enterprise customers mostly. How does that sound? Let’s chat more via email. Send me a mail on please. Thank you

Personal brands, small businesses and even enterprise level clients can all benefit greatly from using BrandMentions. Real-time monitoring and responding is becoming more and more important with such a fast pace online world we live in today. Having tried and tested relevant competitors to BrandMentions I can honestly say that the quality of data BrandMentions provide is better.

BrandMentions is a full-stack marketing tool that can be best used to do:

Reputation Management - shape and stay in control of your company’s image.

Brand Monitoring - gain marketing insights about any company around the globe.

Competitor Spying - expose and analyze your competitors’ strategies.

Media Monitoring - monitor the web & social media for mentions of any business.

Business Intelligence - identify market opportunities that will grow your company.

I love the ease of use, alerts and relevant data the most. I know I can trust the tool to not miss any media or social mentions of my brand.


Sentiment analysis

Relevant & correct data

Instant mentions and links alerts

Real time web traffic monitoring

Automated reports


Looking forward to a mobile app for the tool

this is very helpful Adel.
Thank you for sharing, Adel. I found this to be very helpful.
Congrats on the launch Razvan! I've used brand mentions for well over a year now (Alpha). It's a great product to stay on top of the chatter and react quickly when people are talking about your company. Really well done. I'll share my thoughts as I get more into it.
@em_ebert tks for the thoughts Eric. looking forward for more feedback from you and to have you as a customer now.
Congrats on launching BrandMentions 2.0! I've been using your previous version, and I've found that you are doing a great job. Other tools such as Mention, SEMrush and Ahrefs Alerts, Moz Brand Mentions and etc haven't been showing as much useful data as yours does. The only thing missing in the majority of tools is historical data that allows users to see trends for being mentioned over the past few months. That need is the reason I pay $100 to Moz, as they have the only tool that allows me to get this data without switching to enterprise PR tools that support such needs, but which are intended for much larger businesses.
@alextachalova thank you for the comment Alexandra. We added historical tracking in the tool for your projects. This goes up to 5 years. For any other term you are searching you can see historical trends for 30 days. So if you track for example your own brand you will have up to 5 years of history. If you just want to check a new keyword you will see what other said about it in the last 30 days.
@razvan_gavrilas wow! That's very cool, can't wait to test this feature in your tool!
Congratulations. Looking forward to use it. :)