Your thoughts straight into your inbox

Whenever you have a thought that you don't want to lose - speak, snap or scribble it into the Braintoss app and it will be sent to your inbox for later use.

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Nice concept! Fidget spinner logo could go though..
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@lwansbrough where is the MULTIPLE upvote button !!
@lwansbrough It's actually a boomerang. Made long before the current fad. Though it would make for a great gift ;-)
Thanks for posting. Question to the makers: What are the target customers using right now? (I am guessing something like Evernote, but not sure). How does this differ from what they're using?
@dotmanish Most people use different means like ToDo managers, Notes (the app or a notebook), typing emails to themselves or asking others to send them a reminder email and the worst one ... they use their own brain. With Braintoss you can get it off your mind immediately and later file where you want or act upon it when you get to your inbox. Braintoss saves time and makes sure you won't forget your thought by putting it right in front of you again.
@ejpeg Fair - makes sense. The part of tossing it back to you again is key. All the best with the product!
I really like this idea: for those "I have a thought, and I don't want to forget it" moments. And I really like that I can add multiple emails. so I can remind myself for personal or work stuff. My only issue is the yellow background--it's really bright. I get that's a personal preference, but I'm that person that actively changes the theme to the darker ones on apps if I can do so.
@sallem5 Thnx for your feedback Samantha. We'll take this into consideration. You are not the first asking for a dark mode. But we do get lots of positive feed back from people with visibility problems saying that because of the brightness it works great for them. By the way using the Accessibility settings (on iPhone at least) you can create a quick dark mode. It is what I use at night ;-)
@ejpeg Thanks for the tip! Oddly enough, Braintoss colors inverted to blue and orange rather than blue and yellow :P 24 hours into trying this out, I can see where this would be super useful at my work, where I can't always take the time to log items (or don't remember to, to be frank).
@sallem5 Anytime Samatha. Glad to hear you like it. Happy Braintossing :-)
Love the concept of this. Sometimes an inspiration comes and you just need to send a message to yourself. Appreciate the feature that it lets you do a voice recording. Just wanted to ask - would you be able to record a memo offline (in cases when you don't have access to any wifi) and have the message sent to you instantaneously once you have access to wifi again?
@ejpeg excellent! and thanks for the quick reply!
@equinux Sure thing! Awesome to hear you love it. Happy Braintossing :-)
Interesting concept! :-)