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Music for the brain to improve focus, meditation & sleep

Give your brain what it needs to get the best of it. will provide you with the music you need to meditate, relax, sleep, work or focus. The first results start to show after 15 minutes of listening to appropriate music for the activity you take up. All that is powered by advanced AI and designed especially for the brain!

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Hi everyone! is music for the brain. We create music as brain stimulation (generated by an AI we’ve invented) to improve focus, meditation, relaxation, naps & sleep within 10 - 15 minutes of use. Prior to, our team invented the gold standard for auditory brain stimulation software, used by neuroscientists and research labs around the world. Our mission is to combine Music + Auditory Neuroscience to enable any mental state on-demand. 🚀 Get started listening to I'm Adam Hewett - co-founder and developer of the AI and auditory backbone of Happy to answer any questions. P.S. Special offer for the Product Hunt community! First 100 folks get 50% off the lifetime membership:
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@brainfmadam Thanks for the work your team has been doing on --- I posted below about how I've been using it for a while now, would love to see an Android version but no complaints using the web version on mobile aside from the wishlist item of being able to use it offline. I tell people about all the time :)
@brainfmadam For android users, just drop a shortcut on your homescreen and it launches well and works smoothly --- I did the same on my desktop, just created a Chrome app from it and launch it from my taskbar.
@brainfmadam Two questions: 1) Does this work offline? 2) What's the incentive to actually pay? I remember using the website but getting frustrated having to clear my cookies all the time to avoid being nagged to sign up, so I started using something else. If there was an upgrade path with a noticable benefit over the basic, I might be willing to pay, but the difference is hard to measure since so many factors play into productivity and attempting to measure it (including placebos)
@benguild It does work offline now! The incentive to pay is that it will give you so many more sessions, and will start adapting to you. If you clear your cookies you'll just the same sessions over and over. They're GREAT sessions, so you'll be able to feel real benefit from it. Ultimately, I think that's the incentive. If you actually *feel* something from this and get *real* benefits, it's well worth the subscription - and that's where we differ from others. We are pretty brazen in saying that the results you get will not be subtle. You'll feel it, and feel it quickly. It's partly due to the strong subjective effects that we've been able to attract the brightest scientific minds to take a look at things *objectively*. Check out our science page: . For example Dr. Morillon recently published in Nature on a similar topic. Note that fMRI results are coming and they're extraordinary - and there's so much more research that has already been done, but that work is tied up currently pending-publication or in grant applications, so we can't post it yet). Trust me when I say, we're dedicated to science, and the papers we will be releasing... results beyond what any of us hoped for! We're really excited. Just wish it was up now haha. But.. science doesn't work on my schedule ;)
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@nathansudds Thanks for doing that, and for telling people about the desktop-icon trick. I use it too and all my friends see that and exclaim "What?! There's an Android app you're keeping from us?!" It works really well.
I love and use it almost everyday -- before that I just used standard binaural beats technology but this makes it much easier and has added value. I've been using the webapp on Android and Desktop whenever I need to get things done or the nap session often too. Having ADHD, I find it hard to get in a flow for work but when I remind myself to use this and get past the feeling of not working --- I almost always get into a flow or at least doing something productive. I recommend it often to coaching clients, as an ADHD and Meditation coach with good feedback from anyone who has tried it. I think a mobile app version just makes this that much more accessible, not sure if the iOS version has offline capabilities but that's the one thing I'd love to have for flights or to prevent bandwidth usage when I'm not on wifi. Definitely give this a try if you've never experienced binaural beats, you may see results in your first session but there's results that I personally have seen from using this audio technology that go well beyond that when you use it over an extended period of time. Lots of good information online about the benefits, I won't go on about that here just wanted to share. I bought the lifetime version on a special offer much like the one they are offering Product Hunters but even at their monthly rate, for many people reading this, if you get one more hour of productivity, you can easily justify paying for it.
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@nathansudds Second that, for the offline listening.
@nathansudds Thanks Nathan! Yep the apps have offline features. We're already progressing very fast on the Android version. Our programmer Dan Clark was very smart in his use of React Native so it shouldn't be long. I'm with you, by the way - I'm an Android guy, Nexus all the way. So I want this as much as you do :)
@nathansudds cheers, added to my 'No bullshit productivity' collection :)
@nathansudds Thank you SO much for the kind words, Nathan! That's what we like to hear! 😍
@brainfmadam Looking forward to the Android version for the offline mode alone, everything else works pretty good --- until I get on a plane or I'm mobile and don't want to tear up my bandwidth ;)
Yay!!! So happy to finally have on my phone!
@dcancel Oh my goodness, we LOVE!! So pumped to have you on as a champion 😄
BIG fan of! Early adopter and it's one of the most used apps on my phone. I've seen significant differences when using the app when working (focus) and much deeper and uninterrupted sleep at night, which helps me feel far more refreshed in the morning. The relax function is great as well when on the train leaving the office from a tough day or to get my mind right into my commute to work. Great job, team! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
@lewis502 YAY! So pumped to hear, Lewis! 🙌
I love I have used countless productivity tips, tricks and tools. This one is hands down a must have. I recommend everyone try it. I have problems focusing and getting motivated and I've used music in the past to help me complete tasks. helps me get motivated and stay motivated. I am so happy to see this on Product Hunt. I hope this spreads because this is a great service. My subscription to is just as important as the family Netflix subscription. I hope that says a lot, to whom ever hasn't yet tried it, about its effectiveness.
@pixelenglish Whoaaa, thanks for the words Reggie! SO pumped to hear you're loving it! 🙌