Music for the brain to improve focus, meditation & sleep

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Give your brain what it needs to get the best of it. will provide you with the music you need to meditate, relax, sleep, work or focus. The first results start to show after 15 minutes of listening to appropriate music for the activity you take up. All that is powered by advanced AI and designed especially for the brain!

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Hey everyone! Adam here from I made the MusicAI-algorithm-thingie that generates all the music on Aside from that I've been doing brain-oriented stuff around music for around 13 years. Happy to answer any questions! Also we are literally minutes away from releasing our Focus study that we did with Northwestern's Giovanni Santostasi. Spoiler: we beat caffeine. by a lot.
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@brainfmadam Loving it so far. Very slick! By "personalized brainwave training programs" - does that mean you personalize the music/sounds for each person, and if so how?
@alangarrec @brainfmadam And loves you back! So, here's the short version - email me for more info of course :) That questionnaire you got at the beginning tells a lot about what will work best for you. People are remarkably different. What energizes you may sedate the next guy. From a technical perspective, the MusicAI, as we're calling it, can generate hundreds of original pieces of music autonomously. The only limit is the machine that it's on. So, we are able to rapidly adapt to the data we're getting. And, we learned enough in the initial closed-beta cycle that we can cache a few hundred pieces of music on the server so that new users get that "A-Ha!" moment without having to wait for music to generate. It's a cool process - we're super proud of it. And it'll get soo much better as times goes by. That's the nature of the game here. Speaking of that, a major update is coming soon. Stay tuned ;)
@brainfmadam Well as promised the Focus study is released! Head over to our FB page for some inside information found nowhere else. And now I'm off to work on putting it on our actual website. :)
@brainfmadam I have been using this for the past week and I see myself covering a lot more work than usual. Looking forward for more productive hours using Hence went ahead and bought the lifetime plan. BTW do you have plans to release an ios or android app for this?
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@jittarao Hey, thanks! So glad you're liking it. We definitely have iOS and Android plans. It's our highest priority right now. It shouldn't be too difficult. The backend is mostly done :)
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@brainfmadam Let's talk UI/UX for your iOS - would love to help you make it happen
@benjamineevans I might just take you up on that! Msg me on or FB or shoot me an email :)
@jittarao bought it on appsumo the other day. Been using since. It's good.
@benjamineevans @jittarao Yes. As a new but immediately loyal user I'd love to see a well-designed, performant native version of the app.
wooww Amazing project ! Thanks so much for sharing ! I would love to collaborate with you with any way :) good luck guys !
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@adigold1 Whoa, seriously impressive work. Listening to your tunes as we type. Man, what my younger self would have given for that website... classical guitar though for me :)
Can Producthunters get the AppSumo deal?
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@michalnaka @brainfmadam I just learned about from PH, and would also like to buy the lifetime access deal that was offered to AppSumo users, the AppSumo deal is now expired. Adam, any chance you can set up a special deal for the lifetime access for PH users? Thanks!
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@chad_fullerton @michalnaka just bought the lifetime access through AppSumo, so I guess the deal was reactivated? It was a little bit weird that on the claim page of AppSumo it said to claim the account until 1/1/2016, but everything worked perfectly. @brainfmadam Looking forward to apps for Android and maybe Mac (so I could use keyboard shortcuts). Feels great as far as I tried it until now! Thanks!
Got this the other day as part of the AppSumo deal as well. I'm addicted. One point of feedback - I wish the cycles went longer than 30 minutes. I always seem to snap out of the zone when the music stops and end up having to re-focus. There is probably science behind the sessions only being 30 minutes, but figured I would mention it anyways. Can't wait for the app and keep up the good work!
@clinjar Glad to hear you're lovin it! We have time options coming very soon i.e. 1 hour, 2 hours, etc. It's a feature we want ourselves :)
@clinjar Hi Clint! Time options are on my docket today actually. Hope to get to it :) The science does point to shorter sessions. If I recall correctly, 23 minutes is supposed to be the ideal time to sit and relax, but our data points to around 15 minutes given the additional stimulation. But, most meditators like yourself want much more. I've often wondered if the medium itself influenced the amount of time people feel they should meditate. Who wants to buy a CD with only 23 minutes on it, right? But it really is hurting people by giving them such a high barrier to entry. We're hoping to change that. Among other things. haha. Thanks again!
@brainfmadam @clinjar Very interesting. Glad to hear it. Keep up the great work guys. Looking forward to using this for a long time!