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🎧 Music + AI for focus and sleep - backed by science uses AI to generate music to help you focus, relax, meditate and sleep, backed by scientific research. We use our bleeding edge audio entrainment (that we patented) which you can feel in just minutes of use.

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Hey everyone, we’re back and better than ever before. We’re really excited to premier our new Android App with the Product Hunt community. 😻 If you haven’t heard of us, we create music through our patented AI to help people focus, meditate, relax and sleep better- backed by our scientific studies and research. 🔍 Our mission is to combine Music + Auditory Neuroscience to enable any mental state on-demand. 🎧 + 🔬 = 🔥 We have some huge updates since we had our last debut on PH: • Recently won a $225k National Science Foundation grant to study our music as a treatment for ADHD. • We have a polished Android App and made major stability updates for our iOS App. • New piano focus sessions going live today! • Improvements to our AI and 3D processing which enables us to generate more sessions faster and helps people get into the zone in less time. I'm Adam Hewett - inventor of the AI, the auditory backbone of, and with me is Dan Clark, CEO. We're happy to answer any questions and would love to hear your feedback! How do you use and what features are you most looking for?
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@brainfmadam Is the validation of ADHD benefits data going to be public? I am very interested in finding ways to use technology to help with ADHD.
@vivan Definitely! The National Science Foundation grant we received will result in a study. Phase II of the same grant will result in more. There is already a lot of data I would like to put up, like fRMI results. But, the process of science is slower than my need to brag about how good things are turning out. :) For now we have a science page: Later I'll upload a recent poster we made and let you know.
@brainfmadam have you guys gotten the offline mode working on your iOS app yet? Seems to have been broken for months now. I paid for premium a year ago and have sent multiple emails to try to troubleshoot this, but have had trouble getting any replies.
@brainfmadam @petermccall Yes, We have! Make sure you update your iOS App to the most recent version in the store. We've spent a lot of ❤️ and time making sure that playback works. Please reach out to me directly if you have any more problems!
@brainfmadam @brain @dan_clark Awesome! Love the product! Bose QC35s + app = productivity heaven

I've been using the Android for a little while, and it works great. And really saved me when I rediscovered it recently. I've been struggling with focusing for some time, put on "Intense focus", and it felt like I had 4 arms and where super focused. After just a few minutes. Highly recommended.


It freaking works, and it works well



Glad the Android app is finally here. Now I can go sleep while listening to music 😁
I've used for iOS for about a year and a half, it's the best possible way I can get quality focus while doing work. I also use it when I'm doing mundane household BS like dishes or cleaning, kinda just helps me get in the zone and not be distracted by how annoying it is not having a dishwasher :). Happy they're expanding to Android and looking forward to trying these new piano focus channels.
@samchristie - I don't think we've heard of people using while doing chores. I'm going to try this myself. Maybe this is the solution to spotless households? 🤔
I've been using the beta of this for a while and I am soooo happy they made an Android version. I am way more productive when I use on a regular basis, and with so much travel, the mobile app is a life saver.