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Interesting idea, but it seems overpriced as the domains aren't great..
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@scotty_bowler Hey Scott, thanks for your feedback. There is some great domains listed. Granted there is no 3 letter dot coms, but there is some memorable, brandable domains listed. They are all hand picked by myself and I would be happy to use them for any new venture 😃
@scotty_bowler @tyleraruby Hey Tyler, thanks for your feedback. A domain name is an investment. The prices of the domains is not outrageous compared to market values and what a lot of domains are sold for. Checkout Flippa and Sedo for examples 🤓
@craigjbarber I guess domain name value is subjective :)
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What is your website different from ?
@cuongbkit Hey Bui, great to hear from you. Same concept as Brandpa. The domains are exclusive and hand picked. Every domain is unique so every marketplace is unique 👍
@craigjbarber Does it cost anything to post? I have some pretty good domain names wanted to sell?
@cuongbkit Hey Bui, sure if you head on over to the sell page to learn more, submit your domain names and I'll be in touch with next steps:
@cuongbkit I've slashed 50% OFF all domain name and logo packages today on
how is this featured? oh wait, we all know how Producthunt works
@terterihei ey Hey Eric, make something awesome get featured ; )
@craigjbarber Yes, that's """exactly""" how producthunt works :)
Hey there Product Hunters! Craig here, founder of Over the last 15 years I’ve been responsible for brand design across household names including Samsung, PayPal and LG Mobile. In addition to my design experience, I’ve developed a passion for side projects and exploring new business ideas. In the process of exploring these new ideas, I’ve acquired a large catalogue of brand-able domain names. So! I've just launched is the result of bringing together my experience as a designer, catalogue of domain names and flare for new business ventures. provides founders with essential elements they need bring their new ideas to life. Fast. Each domain for sale on comes packaged with a modern, professional logo plus a suite of brand assets for your social media channels. Here’s to kicking your new ventures off with a great domain name and kick arse logo! ***** GET 20% OFF ALL DOMAINS AT CHECKOUT WITH CODE: FOUNDER ****** Any and all feedback welcome! Craig
Received over 40+ domain suggestions for! Thank you people! Humbled : ) Make sure you subscribe to my mailing list to get a first look at these amazing brands!
A question - are you simply registering a load of domains that you think will sell and adding them to your list with silly prices as a few I checked are recently registered (for <$10)? Nothing wrong with that, it's called 'business' but, with a domain, it's sometimes good to have a back history for SEO etc. As for the actual pricing, how do you calculate to get these prices?
@pointandstare Hey Build it, break it. Thanks for taking a moment to comment 😀 A lot of the domains I already had registered, I have a lot more but I only post the best. Others I spend a considerable amount of time searching for online. Like art, the price of domains is subjective. What's not subjective is good branding. Good branding is made up of a number of factors. Firstly the domain itself should be memorable, catchy easy to pronounce and of course a dot com if possible. Secondly, as noted in my about page, I'm a professional branding designer that has spent the last 17 years working in the design industry. I'm an expert in branding and my time is worth a lot. I apply this expertise to the whole process of picking the domain name wording, extension etc... right thru to the logo design, font, colour of the logo etc. etc. If you were to go to a design agency they would charge you upwards of at least 2-3k for their time and service.
@craigjbarber $2-$3K, it looks like the logo is just a font and text of the domain name? Or are there other design files I’m not seeing? Thanks
@alankane Hey Alan, thanks for your feedback. Each domain name ships with the logo in two colours, dark and light. Plus file formats including Adobe Illustrator plus a number of different size logos in both dark and light. So that's 8 logo files in total. Most brands these days are quiet minimal. Take Facebook for example. The days of having really elaborate, intricate logos is over simply because the logos have to be viewed in small contexts a lot of the time. For example on a phone screen.
@pointandstare I've slashed 50% OFF all domain name and logo packages today on
@alankane I've slashed 50% OFF all domain name and logo packages today on