Create beautiful and customizable dashboards


πŸ— A platform to build beautiful and customizable dashboards.

πŸ“Š Pick widgets from several integrations like Twitter, Unsplash and cryptocurrency price, or get creative with custom ones.

πŸ›  Change the number of rows & cols and customize the grid to your liking.

πŸ“± Dashboards adapt to any screen size so they can look good on any device.

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8 Reviews3.8/5

So cool what Adam is doing, it's such a useful and flexible tool! I started exploring it a few days ago, already I've thought of so many possibilities. Really cool how you can keep track of everything on one beautiful page!! 😍


Really flexible, great for having a general overview of your online life. Also cool that you can share with others!!


None :)

Boxiqq gives a complete overview with beautiful dashboards that I can use to track things from one place at a glance. Dashboards can be public or private with lots of themes & completely customizable grid builder. Adam has put ton of efforts over months refining this product & the final result is a beautiful dashboard :)

I've created a dashboard for myself at


Get a birds-eye view of all the things that matter to you. Track your Youtube subscribers, Twitter followers, Product Hunt upvotes real-time


None so far

Amazing app to create dashboards for your clients or for yourself. Very easy to use and hardly took any time to set it up. A few minor glitches can be fixed but the product is amazing


Finally a dashboard that I could setup within 10 minutes of signing up. Smooth and simple user experience


The "Save changes" button seems to be stuck. Also a share link beside the dashboard would have made it easier to share my dashboard