Create beautiful and customizable dashboards

#2 Product of the DayNovember 28, 2018

πŸ— A platform to build beautiful and customizable dashboards.

πŸ“Š Pick widgets from several integrations like Twitter, Unsplash and cryptocurrency price, or get creative with custom ones.

πŸ›  Change the number of rows & cols and customize the grid to your liking.

πŸ“± Dashboards adapt to any screen size so they can look good on any device.

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Hi there! πŸ‘‹ I've always used to track something πŸ‘€, like the number of subscribers of my YouTube channel or current price of Bitcoin. Being a macOS user, it was easy to use BitBar and put those numbers in the menu bar. But as the number of things to track kept growing, it got very crowded and I needed something different. πŸ’‘ And that's when the idea of boxiqq was born. I've put it on my old iPad next to my screen with the first working prototype and never turned it off. boxiqq allows you to create a dashboard hosted at a subdomain URL using the domain. The dashboards are public by default(so you can share them with your friends, colleagues or the whole internet), but you can make them private πŸ”’ with password protection. πŸ“Š The dashboards can contain widgets to track the number of: Twitter/Twitch/Dribbble/Unsplash followers Youtube/Twitch total views, YouTube/MailChimp subscribers, Unsplash downloads, Product Hunt post upvotes You can also track the current weather, year progress, a countdown to your vacation or that scary deadline, or the current price of any cryptocurrency. Or you can get creative and with custom widgets and hook up your own API for example. You can build your own dashboard πŸ‘‰ here There's a plenty of color themes to choose from and you can also add a background image to your dashboard. That's it for now! I will be here all day to answer your questions. Any feedback, feature requests or suggestions are also welcome! P.S.: I've made the dashboard, so that I can share some metrics πŸ‘‡ P.P.S.: Here's the mentioned iPad nexto my screen πŸ–₯
@bardonadam Congrats on the launch! πŸš€
Congrats on launching @bardonadam! Fantastic to see the end result of all the tiny design tweaks for the past couple weeks. Good luck today! πŸš• (My son wanted to add a car, so there you go, enjoy!)
@rikschennink Thank you! That's a very nice car btw!

So cool what Adam is doing, it's such a useful and flexible tool! I started exploring it a few days ago, already I've thought of so many possibilities. Really cool how you can keep track of everything on one beautiful page!! 😍


Really flexible, great for having a general overview of your online life. Also cool that you can share with others!!


None :)

Hello, Adam! Boxiqq looks really convenient thanks to all the different stuff it puts together. Having an easy way to quickly check on the numbers that matter for me without opening several tabs or apps - that's great! I know you have a lot of widgets coming up already (GA sounds really tasty), but I'll still add a personal little idea to the queue: how about a timer counting the time that already passed from a certain event? (Contrary to the countdown timer focusing on the time left until something.) Here are some cool ways to use it: - Time since quitting a bad habit (a really motivating factor) - Time since checking or doing something important for the last time (e.g. competitors, stack on incoming tasks, etc.) - Time since the launch of a product (this would work great with the subscribers/likes counter) Best of luck, I'll be looking forward to see Boxiqq growing! :)
@mirimesque Hi Ivan, I'm glad you like it! 😊 Regarding the counting time since past event (great idea btw), please refresh the app and check the Countdown widget again. I've enabled selection of the past date. It definitely needs something more sophisticated, but for now, it should do. πŸ™‚

Boxiqq gives a complete overview with beautiful dashboards that I can use to track things from one place at a glance. Dashboards can be public or private with lots of themes & completely customizable grid builder. Adam has put ton of efforts over months refining this product & the final result is a beautiful dashboard :)

I've created a dashboard for myself at


Get a birds-eye view of all the things that matter to you. Track your Youtube subscribers, Twitter followers, Product Hunt upvotes real-time


None so far