A simple inventory management system

BoxHero is the Simplest Inventory Management Solution.
All transactions are saved as history and applied to your inventory in real-time.
Our user-friendly services are available anytime and anywhere on your computer or mobile device.
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Great App. I've been looking for something like this for a while now and especially like how it's all free. Will you hope to monetize this product later? What kind of industries do you think would use this most, e.g. I use industrial products for cleaning grime and patching rubber. I assume this app can be be easily borrowed by many other types of companies that need to inventory small/large amounts of items.
@miguel_sebada1 Thanks for the comment. It has been already monetized. You can use it for the first month for free but have to pay it afterwords to have a full experience of BoxHero. As you mentioned, BoxHero is highly customizable and has users from various industries: online shop, factories, hospital, garage, and so on. They love BoxHero for its simplicity and usability!
Nice on @jbseo The interface is clean and works well.
Hello, I created BoxHero to help people who are managing small and mid-size inventory and looking for something better than Excel and pen & paper. BoxHero is easy to use and works well with iOS, Android, and PC (Web)!
Really nice app. Does it integrate with Shopify?
@parag_r Thanks for comment! Automatic integration with other services is not yet supported. We plan to support it later. For now, you can easily insert and update data using spreadsheet (Excel) files.