Box Skills Kit

Connect AI with Box in just a few lines of code

Box Skills automatically enhance files as they're uploaded to Box by applying third-party AI technologies. With the Box Skills Kit, you can build custom Box Skills that apply the AI technology of your choice to your files in Box.

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Hey PH community! I'm excited to share the Box Skills Kit - our new developer toolkit for connecting AI technologies with Box. Providers like AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure and dozens of other companies offer powerful AI technologies as public APIs. With the Box Skills Kit, developers can write applications that grab files as they're uploaded to Box and apply these algorithms to enhance their data. Box Skills are a new type of application that automatically enhance content as it's uploaded to Box. A Box Skill could, for example, analyze images using a computer vision algorithm to detect objects or extract text from those images and tag them in Box with metadata. The metadata applied by Box Skills improves the user experience in Box, informs our search capabilities, and can even trigger advanced functionality like automations and policies. We couldn't be more excited to make this new toolkit available to our developer community. We can't wait to see what you build!
Looks fantastic! I’m a but confused though, is this only for companies or for individuals too? Beta signup link on the website does not work. I can see how these technologies coming together is going to change businesses fundamentally.
@anna_0x This is available only for enterprise customers, but you can sign up for a test instance at to build your own Box Skills -
@_mikeschwartz thank you, any plans to make it available for everyone in the near future?
@anna_0x nothing official. If you use Box for storing personal files, you can actually sign up for a fully-featured account via This will give you an instance of Box with access to these new capabilities.
@_mikeschwartz great, thanks for the info! :)
Remarkable how technology can really penetrate into every single data that we upload online and analyze them according to different categories. I wonder where privacy concerns stand on this app?