An AI messaging platform for any size businesses

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Whoever did this design work should teach a course ;)
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@pbmarcano we thank @viveksudars, our Hipster in Residence, for his steadfast work!
This caught my attention as it looks like there's a specific focus for Bowtie on SMBs, particularly those merchants who use Mindbody to accept reservations and bookings. One of the features that sticks out is "call back" messaging, whereby you can ring a merchant (i.e. think a hair salon) and rather than waiting on hold, you can receive availability for appointments and direct booking just through chat.
@daveambrose Thanks for the hunt Dave! Bowtie is an AI powered messaging platform for businesses to let their customers book appointments, buy products and ask questions. Every year businesses lose billions in revenue due to missed calls. 85% of consumers who call a business that doesn’t answer won’t call that business again, which means catching every communication is critical to converting customers and boosting revenue. Moreover, messaging is the #1 most preferred channel for customer service (SMS has an open rate of 98%), and millions of businesses currently do not offer it. Our AI automates conversations over SMS, Facebook and Webchat. If a business misses a call, we text the customer back automatically so the business never misses a customer. We turn inbound missed calls into paying customers. With messaging taking over the world and AI growing quickly, we’re excited to make this tech accessible to businesses of all kinds (not just the big guys).
This is really interesting and looks great for any small business that gets a lot of calls but doesn't have a full-time receptionist. The pricing looks reasonable as well. Anyone tried this out? I'm particularly interested in the missed call to SMS feature.
@wesadvance Thanks for the comment! You nailed the reason why small businesses love this idea. We can convert a missed call into a fully automated conversation over SMS that leads to a paying customer. We feel the timing for this feature is perfect because user behavior is trending toward messaging and AI technology is maturing. That said, it’s not just for small businesses! Larger enterprises have shown keen interest in our AI’s ability to book appointments and sell products conversationally at scale. This means they can close leads on the messaging platforms where their users spend the most time.
Great product, great team.
I've been following this team for awhile and the conversion of a phone call to an automated text conversation is genius. I can see the benefits of using a machine to expand capability in closing deals/appointments.