Complete Connected Car Solution

Bouncie provides a connected car experience built to simplify your auto life with location, diagnostics, driving data, alerts, geo-circles and more. Turn any vehicle into a smart car and stay connected with the drivers in your life.

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Did anyone else immediately think, "Obama logo"?
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@johnbhiggins I came here solely looking for this comment! Thought the exact same thing.
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Really great product. I could see this being a great tool for parents to monitor their teen drivers.
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Great job!! Any plans to go Internationally? 😊
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@ayush_chandra Thanks Ayush! Stay tuned :)
How does this compare to Automatic Pro? It does seem like this has more app features, but while Automatic is pricier for the device, there is no monthly fee (at least for 5 years).
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@twhitacre Great question, the biggest differentiator between our products is that we offer more features based around driving habits like max speed, rapid acceleration, hard braking and engine idle alerts along with speed bands that show color coded trip histories based on speeds driven. We also allow you to set Geo-Circles around important locations and get SMS messages when a vehicle enters or leaves a zone (perfect for making sure someone arrives home safe or a business vehicle enters a job site). We also have deeper Alexa and Google Home connections and a robust product pipeline with major feature enhancements.
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Do you ship/work internationally?
@gal_rotem Bouncie is currently available in the US only