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#2 Product of the DayJune 11, 2015



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Manuel Moser@mosrrrr · CEO
Really nice! Cookie support possible? For example: Show this only once in 24 hours?
@mosrrrr Yeah that would be very useful, if you can add more customisation to the product
Manuel Moser@mosrrrr · CEO
Oh, and you should also check your mobile design of the bar. If i add two buttons (links), the spaces between the normal text and the buttons are correct on desktop, but not on mobile. (iPhone 6)
Forrest TookerMaker@forresttooker
Good point @mosrrrr, the amount of content you can put in the bar isn't limited currently but could be responsive to screen size. Fixing...
Forrest TookerMaker@forresttooker
@mosrrrr Coming soon, we are working on that right now :)
Jamie Barton@notrab · Husband, Dad & Developer 🙌
Great idea. I love the website. Great demo and marketing. How long did this take to develop and put together from beginning to end? From the outside it looks like a small (but great) product but I'm certain there is more behind the scenes going on I'm sure fellow hunters would love to know. 👍
Cat NooneHiring@imcatnoone · Founder & CEO, Iris
Love this idea and how fun it was to create one before even signing up. That's a big win in my eyes. Love products that allow users to give it a try and in order to continue, an account needs to be created. Can't work for every product, but love when it can and does.
Forrest TookerMaker@forresttooker
@imcatnoone Thanks Cat! We like clean design and simple on boarding.
Patrick RogersMaker@mrpatrickrogers · Developer @realm
I love the @rrhoover hang loose detail on the promo code ;p
Forrest TookerMaker@forresttooker
@mrpatrickrogers @rrhoover I was hoping someone would like it!
Forrest TookerMaker@forresttooker
Bounce Bar is the fastest way to add a beautiful banner bar to your website. Target bars to users based on where they came from, what page they're on and whether they're blocking your ads. No coding required. Use Bounce Bar to: 1. Reward users with coupons, like Product Hunters. 2. Show bars to users who are using an AdBlocker to block your ads. 3. Inform your users of technical problems without deploying code. 4. Reach users on a particular page of your site in seconds. We'd like to hear feedback on the bar as well as what bar type you'd like to see next (location, device type or something else). Also, who's going to win the NBA finals? Let's bounce! P.S. Product Hunters get unlimited free bars with the code "HUNTED"
Rahhul@rahhul · Eora 3D
@forresttooker Hi Forrest, this is really useful. A Kickstarter/Indiegogo logo built-in will be super useful for a "Coming Soon" type of bar.
Forrest TookerMaker@forresttooker
@rahhul Great idea! We will add custom images soon.
Patrick RogersMaker@mrpatrickrogers · Developer @realm
@rahhul @forresttooker Adding gifs would be really cool as well...
Daniel Trittenwein@deleted-43707 · Software Developer
@mrpatrickrogers @forresttooker Very nicely done - and I agree the GIFs would be great
Greg@gregmschwartz · *Moonpod Is Live On Kickstarter*
@forresttooker Wish i had time to implement this...but I hunted Stork the same day you hunted Bounce Bar ha!