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Hi hunters! πŸ™Œ What if digital experience was designed today and instead of cluttered information and services we had a unified interface and identity? 🌎 It's been our mission to simplify lives and today we're proud to take first step in that direction and excited to launch - a personal chat bot platform 😊 In one click create your own bot that can simplify anything you want into a conversation and allow anyone (fans, followers, friends, customers etc.) to talk to your virtual identity! People have been using personal bots on our platform in different ways - to engage with their fans, to build resumes, to automate FAQs etc. It's still very early days for us in terms of sophisticated AI/NLP and other features but just wanted to give you a flavor of what the future might look like. We envisage a world where to get things done there’s no more juggling with multiple apps, no more wasting time sifting through loads of information and data, no more asking around to find right professionals or tools, no more monotonous learning and working – just get what you want, when you want via conversation. We want to make as the new browser and bots as new apps and websites πŸ‘ Would love to hear your views and see what you think about our humble attempt at simplifying the way world works 😊
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Great! Love the idea, trying to train my bot. Hopefully this works out great for me. Good UI. Would love to take this and integrate else where if it works.
@cpresc Sorry Chris for the inconvenience. Even with our best estimates we didn't expect such high volume of traffic that we're seeing right now and it has really affected our servers. Getting them fixed, please bear with us for a moment :)
@cpresc We're back up, please try one more time :) Sorry for the inconvenience!
@abh1manyu Still getting a lot of random 502 errors
@samwightt should be fixed now Sam, can you pls try once?
@abh1manyu Sorry about the delay. Tried again, and now the page refuses to load. Waited for a good two minutes and it's still blank.
I understand their servers are slammed after release! Still, I like this platform. It's easy enough to be userful for a non-coder like me, and I like that it pulls in some info from FB. I also like that it doesn't require connection to another platform.
@zefareu Thanks Daniel for your feedback - glad you liked the experience πŸ‘ !
Service update: As you might have noticed there was widespread outage today across various services on the internet (including Twitter, Spotify etc.) due to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on Dyn. Here's some coverage on the issue: It led to some users facing login issues with their bot. Just wanted to drop a note to apologize if the service disruption affected you in any way and let you know that our service is back to normal now. πŸ™Œ You should be able to login and train your bot normally. Once again sorry for any inconvenience and please let us know if you still face any issues. 😊