HotelsTonight for Bottle Service

#4 Product of the DayDecember 06, 2013
BottlesTonight soft launched in SF ~1 month ago. I like the idea and will likely use this but clubs want to portray an image of high demand and class. Groupon-like discounts may devalue their perceived quality.
I'd upvote your comment if I could, sounds like a weird devaluing of the service. Also, it's not exactly the most inventive name huh
Haha, I don't mind the name. It's descriptive without sounding too generic or boring. And yes, comment upvotes are coming. In the meantime, I'll accept a bro hug next time we meetup, Ash. :)
Yeah seems the discount bit of this is actually kind of irrelevant. The cool part is the marketplace where you see what is going on at each club and order bottle service by pressing a button. Like uber.
@nbashaw - good observation. It also has a group buying feature to streamline the painful process of getting everyone to chip in $.