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    Crazy easy to get started and publish to FB


    None *yet*

    I've tried a TON of chatbot tools, and this is by far the easiest I've used to both create chat flows and to actually get the bot working on FB. I got an admittedly basic 3-question bot on my band's FB page in no more than 10 minutes, and have spent several more hours adding modules with audio clips, photos, and links. VERY promising product, I'm going to keep using and update my review here as I get deeper. Nice so far.

    Greg Jagiello has used this product for one day.


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Huy Dinh
Huy DinhMaker@phradion · CEO at BotStar
Thanks Kevin! Hi Everyone, I'm Huy, CEO of BotStar. It's been months of very hard working for our team of 4 developers to release version 2 of this chatbot platform. Apart from the much improved visual flow editor which makes BotStar awesome. Version 2 also comes with many big features such as: - Train your bot with smart phrases - Dynamic datasource & Webview - Template marketplace for bots - Human Takeover request - Tag/untag/subscribe/unsubscribe your audience Feel free to ask me any questions or concerns, either technical or about our new pricing. Would love to hear feedbacks and ideas from you guys :) Thank you! Huy
Zalmay Karimi
Zalmay Karimi@zalmay_karimi · Founder of
The visual component looks amazing Just a team of 4 developers? That's really impressive. Do you have a feature to export your audiences?
Huy Dinh
Huy DinhMaker@phradion · CEO at BotStar
@zalmay_karimi thank you! It’s part of our backlog and will be worked on soon. Our next phase involve lots of work around integration like Zapier, Integromat, API, importing, exporting to CSV
Nicoteiza@nicoteiz · DataScientist, love Machine Learning!
Looks good, congratulations! Are you looking into integration with Whatsapp?
Huy Dinh
Huy DinhMaker@phradion · CEO at BotStar
@nicoteiz Thank you. As far as I know, Whatsapp doesn't have official open API. So we won't support it :)