A visual, intuitive Chatbot building platform

A powerful Chatbot Platform that let you design, publish and track your chatbots on Facebook Messenger and Websites Widget.

Key features:

- Visual Editor for conversational flow

- CMS definition and dynamic entities in Editor

- Integratable with DialogFlow and Wit.AI

- Human Takeover and Livechat

- Single Flow, Multiple Channels

- Conversions

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Huy Dinh
Huy DinhMaker@phradion · CEO at BotStar
Hello World! We are proud and also nervous to share our work in the last 6 months with everyone. Feel free to ask us any questions, especially about our pricing or key features. We take pride in providing good user-experience so let us know if you have any recommendations or challenges so that we can improve that department even further! Thank you!
Phuc Nguyen
Phuc Nguyen@phucnguyenbw
Good UI. Look easy to use! You guys are doing an awesome job!!
RocketMan@rocketman_ai · Inventor
Hi, looks polished! How is this different from chatfuel?
Lee Le
Lee LeMaker@le_tuong
@rocketman_ai The following are some features that makes BotStar different from Chatfuel: - We provide visual flow editor which makes it easy for you to see the big picture of your bot, to communicate with other team members - You can test your bot with our testing tool before publishing the bot - For complex bot, we provide Module which allows you to group related messages so that it is easy to manage and navigate - We provide CMS which can be used for users who don't have technical background to update content for the bot - Dialogflow and are integrated - You can also use NodeJS to create your custom messages. Hope this could give your a bit more detail about BotStar
Thien Duong
Thien Duong@thiendv · insimation
Interesting, i will try, do you have promotion code?
Huy Dinh
Huy DinhMaker@phradion · CEO at BotStar
@thiendv it's free to use, but if you decide to upgrade, talk to us, we're willing to give you some discounts, also subscribing to our mailing list will give you 1 free month of PRO plan Thank you!!