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We have been recently working on conversational forms for chatbots. Which is a way to collect leads through facebook messenger chatbots. No matter what business you have, there is always a need to collect user's information and we have solved the problem by creating conversational forms which allows you to create forms like Google Forms for your chatbot and receive responses to your email, sheet, or even JSON API. Checkout following tutorials to get started. http://help.botsify.com/what-are... http://help.botsify.com/how-to-c...
@usamanoman pls let me know how to get in touch interested in what you guys are doing
So I get an email alert (or a webhook) when user completes the form via the bot. This is very useful. Good luck!
This is great and useful :)
This is only for Facebook messenger?
@alecor0290 Yes for facebook messenger and website live support for now.
Great product, will integrate use into my product launch