Botsify Automatic Website Chatbot Builder

Turn your website content into a chatbot in seconds.

Turn your website content into a chatbot in seconds with Botsify Automatic Chatbot Builder, which reads your website content and takes out the questions and answers which your users might ask your chatbot

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Today we are excited to launch automatic chatbot builder for websites! Yes, now no more wait to take a look at how your chatbot will work. We heard you and understood you pain that it takes a considerable amount of time in order to fill in all that data, and feed your chatbot with tons of FAQs you already have in your website. Now all you have to do is enter you website and we will automatically build the chatbot demo for you. Not that it build the chatbot, it present an ideal customer journey in seconds before even you sign up.
Congratulations with the launch, great tool πŸ‘. Do you have plans to develop a tool for creating chatbots for messengers?
@bitrewards We already do that :) When you have crawl your website, you can get the same chatbot for your facebook messenger,, or you can even start from scratch.
Any plans on Intercom integration for support purposes? You can use Articles / Help Center feature in order to retrieve knowledge to reply customers on Intercom Messenger.
@fernando_paladini Really soon. We have already started on Drift Integration.
Botsify made it possible for me to create a multi-lingual chatbot! I simply create stories using a specific language I want and my bot will respond to users accordingly. Such a cool and easy to use feature!
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