Bots UI Kit

Fully customizable Sketch UI Kit for Messenger Platform

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Hey, Product Hunt! I hope you’re as excited about Messenger Platform as we are :) We’ve decided to create simple and fully customizable Sketch UI kit to helps you design and showcase your Facebook Bots. All elements are turned into new branded Sketch symbols, so prototyping has never been easier. Enjoy! :)
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@stefooo oh this is awesome, are you going to consider doing ones for Kik, Telegram etc?
@tonylucas @stefooo Honestly, we were just really excited about latest news from F8 and came up with this idea and launched it in a day. We are passionate about design presentation, and we felt that a lot of companies are going to prototype their integrations for this new platform. TLDR: We will think about other platforms in future if it proves to be useful for people :)
@stefooo nice GIF 😎
@stefooo nice kit :) special thanks for symbols
@stefooo That was quick! Thanks for sharing, it looks great so far!
@as_austin GIFS > WORDS 😀
@as_austin Ditto! Great GIF, btw.
That has to be the most straightforward landing page created by mankind
Superb. thanks. so.. Who is keen on building and working on bots who live in the UK? Answers on a postcard... I'd be keen to get in touch and start collaborating
@pjwilkinson There is a handful of people I know starting in this area. If you are near London there is a couple of events on in the next couple of weeks around building bots, on the 20th and 27th I believe
@tonylucas sounds good. Where would you find them?