Tinder client for Google Chrome

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Apps or extensions that hack around products' intended use or limitations are interesting. Sometimes they help makers identify new opportunities and validate demand, but in this case I'm sure @badeen and the Tinder team aren't super pleased with Botinder. Snappy, a Mac app to send and receive Snapchat photos and videos, is another example of this.
@rrhoover I doubt they've even noticed. Security has been an ongoing concern for them. Bots on the platform have been a huge problem because of this kind of access.
This reminded me of Instagram's rudimentary web app - which I actually use quite often because I get to see the pix much bigger. Irrespective of this being outside the intended use case, I wonder whether Tinder users might also like seeing bigger profile pix.
Thank you for sharing, I hope to have no problem with Tinder. But a web app version of it was really necessary for me. Feel free to suggest improvements, this project is open source:
@mrp1ng Cheers! Can you elaborate more on why you thought a web app version was necessary?
I am loving it. Could you make it possible to archive conversations? I hate losing the old ones when girls delete the app on their phones (and then invariably decide to come back after a month..) Thank you!
Would also be great to be able to use "Enter" to send a message.