Bot Tossell

A personal bot you can build, with Pocket

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Ok so this isnt a revolutionary new product.... but something I built in a way I've not seen before. I thought about creating a personal bot that would be easy to keep populating....I use Save to Pocket for saving all sorts of things and thought why not build a bot that gets updated when I save stuff, like what Im reading, podcasts, music, products I upvote, hunt etc. So in an hour on Tuesday eve, instead of being scary... I built it. And you can too I wrote the How-To guide on Medium This is not necessarily meant to be super useful for anyone in particular except me. But maybe you want your own for whatever reason. Its a first attempt and things need to be better but its an interesting way to do it I think
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@bentossell Hahah fucking love the name!
@rahulr047 haha all credit to @chrismessina there
@bentossell Ben, this is so cool! I love it when people create new integrations and you just made my day :-)
I came to just upvote for the name alone, but the product is solid too. Well done @bentossell
this is the greatest
Really cool. why can't we try to automate all the task you did and create the bot within minutes ? 🤔
@devenbhooshan this was an experiment to see if I could do it and without having to do anything different day-to-day. I save to pocket everyday as it is. But doing it in minutes would be cool... although Im not confident in that being the case.
@bentossell all the data is pulled from the pocket feeds right ? we can just use that to create the bot which will pull all the data from the rss feeds ? correct me If I am assuming something :)
@devenbhooshan Thats what it already does ;) pulls the data from the RSS feeds
Hi, Can I install this application for desktop or it's just for Mobile devices? Thanks