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A marketplace for ready-to-customize chatbot templates.

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Hey everyone! Since launching Motion AI last year (on Product Hunt!) we are thrilled to have had so much support from the bot building community. Brands like Fiverr, Sony, Wix, Deutsche Telekom and many more have utilized our platform to help automate their businesses. Common use cases include customer service, restaurant bots, surveys and much more. What we observed, however, is that many of these bots had similar structures but each company/developer still had to start from scratch. Bot Store fills this void by adding a template layer to bot creation, making it easier than ever to customize and deploy bots to virtually any chat application you can imagine. Today we have launched Bot Store with a limited set of templates crafted by our team, and we have officially opened submission for user-created bot templates as well. Our hope is that Bot Store will become a great resource for the bot building community and serve as a trove of useful templates for countless verticals and use cases. Head on over and build your bot (for free!) today! Bot on! 🤖
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That's awesome! Congrats! I am a big fan of :)
Good job ! New user since last week, but amazed by the functionalities 👏
So far what I have seen has one of the most non-programmer friendly UIs to start building chatbots. One neat thing regarding the bot store would be to open up the demo conversation data to verified members who could highlight and train the bot For example in the restaurant bot I asked to book a table for yesterday at 2 pm to which the bot replied "thank you! May I have your mobile phone number". When distributing the bot to wider audience having a library for those exception cases in the dialogue would be something I would be willing to pay extra as it saves tremendous time of trial and error