Bot Connector by Recast.AI

Your one API to connect bots to any channels



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Jasmine Anteunis
Jasmine AnteunisMaker@jasmineanteunis · Core team, Recast.AI
Hi all! Thanks Chris for this wonderful surprise! We’re very happy to present Bot Connector. If you’ve ever made a bot, you are aware that channels don’t all work the same, and that you cannot possibly write code that takes full advantage of each platform’s features. Well, that’s why we’ve created Bot Connector API. With only one integration in your code to reach any channel and a standard message format, you’ve never saved this much time in your bot development. Today, we support Slack, Kik and Messenger (and coming soon: Skype, Callr, Discord, Telegram, Cisco Spark...). You want another channel? Well, Bot Connector is open-source, so you can develop your own integration directly! We’re available in the comments for any question you have on Bot Connector or any Recast.AI bot tools :)
Nicolas Grenié
Nicolas GreniéHiring@picsoung · Developer Advocate, Typeform
Nice hunt @chrismessina! I've met the Recast team at Web Summit, and I got really hooked on the team energy and the product they are building. Definitively the type of tool useful for bot builders, helping them launch and target different platforms at the same time, with one easy integration.
Philippe Oliva
Philippe Oliva@philippe_oliva
Another great additional feature to RECAST.AI - Congrats RECAST team !
Jasmine Anteunis
Jasmine AnteunisMaker@jasmineanteunis · Core team, Recast.AI
@philippe_oliva Thank you! :)
Loris Maz
Loris Maz@lorismaz · Founder, SimpleVisa
Really cool! 🇫🇷🤘🏼
bot.send("Good job !")