Bot Business 101

How to start, run & grow your Bot / AI business

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I founded a bot company back in 2007 and over the course of a decade, I have made huge mistakes, wrong assumptions, and I missed a ton of opportunities. I wrote this book because I have learned many valuable lessons during this time, and if I can answer just one person’s question and prevent a repetition of my mistakes, that would be the best value I could provide, not only just for that business but interestingly also for my own.
I've read the sample chapters and I soo want to read this!😵 But I'm not in the U.S. and it says "not available in your country." 💔 Is there any plan of releasing it in other countries or selling the PDF version? 🤔
Congrats on the book. You mention missed opportunities. Can you elaborate on this? For most, we're just at the start of the Bot opportunity, legitimized by big players like Facebook only months ago, and with the proliferation of messaging and recent developer platforms. Sounds like a case of having the right vision, but wrong market timing?
I am also facing the same issue. Is this bot only for U.S.? Although I live in U.S. I recommended to few friends who live in different country. Can you give me an update?