Boss as a Service

Making sure you achieve your goals by giving you a boss


BaaS helps you achieve your goals, acting as a boss for your life. It monitors your progress by making sure you’re completing your planned todos, and if you’re falling behind, follows up till you finish them. It makes sure you actually follow through on what you plan, and that your New Year Resolutions are going strong in February and beyond.

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7 Reviews4.3/5

Legitimately life changing. I'm sure it's not for everyone, and it seems really silly, but rather than procrastinate and say "oh I'll just finish this tomorrow" I know I'm going to have to come up with an excuse for "my boss". That excuse is often more work than just doing the task so the end result is I get more done. Been using it for about a month and it's probably been one of the most productive months of my entire life.


really helps me get stuff done



It's nice to know this service is available if I ever need a productivity boost again in the future.


BaaS helped me realize the power of lists and bragging about my accomplishments. I developed good habits through BaaS's accountability.


I didn't realize I would be doing all of the account management through the login modal, it was hard to find where to change my subscription