With Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, just say “OK, Google” or “Alexa” to manage virtually all your phone’s content. An adaptive four-microphone system hears your commands with unrivaled accuracy and makes your voice sound crystal clear on calls.
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Bose Headphones 700
Sony WH-1000X M3
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@de already bought xm3
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@de massive drawback of the m3's is they can only connect to one bluetooth device at a time. Infuriating when I have my laptop in my backpack (on my back), turn on the headphones to take a call, and the bluetooth auto-connects to my laptop. Only way to force it to connect to my phone is to take out the laptop and turn off the bluetooth. Ordered the 700's yesterday to hopefully alleviate this problem. If I stick with the 700's the only thing I'll miss from the m3's is the extra 10 hrs of battery life + aptX/LDAC support. I don't fold them much.
@de @iansmith This is quite annoying for me too. The way I workaround this is I long press the power button and go into pairing mode so that the headphone disconnects from my laptop. My phone can then connect to the headphone.
Would still prefer the Sony's over this but good to see Bose listen to the competition 🎧
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@amrith Let it go, Amrith. Let it go... 🤫
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@amrith I've had Bose's QC and unfortunately they weren't very durable (especially the foam). I'm much happier with my Sony's WH
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I don’t like the design at all.
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I preordered these and have been using for a few days. They are phenomenal quality. Only negative is that they don’t fold up like the QC35s.
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@nickatloot Thanks for that info. It's a massive drawback for me !
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@nickatloot @josselinco Agreed. It's a complete deal breaker that they don't fold up.
Bose is mostly overpriced, I prefer AKG, Sennheiser or Audio Technica
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