A super fast video chat for WhatsApp friends and groups

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Thanks @bramk for the hunt! Booyah is video chatting made easy - there's no signups‭, ‬no friend requests and‭ ‬no problems‭ ‬:) Just one tap to invite your WhatsApp friends or groups and you're good to go‭. ‬It's free‭, ‬private, secure and incredibly easy and fun to use‭. ‬ We're currently using WhatsApp's social graph but we're not limited to it of course... Android version is coming soon as well as other goodies - but we wanted to hear from the Product Hunt community as soon as possible to learn more about what our audience needs. Please share your comments and feedback with us, we're eager to hear them. We've had a lot of fun building this and we hope you'll enjoy trying it out. Booyah!
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Wow- super easy to use , just had my first video chat!
Thank you @tomerharry, glad you like it :)
This is extremely useful :D Can't wait for my friends to get the Android version :)
@ambonium v-e-r-y soon!
I live far from family and often rely on facetime and whatsapp calls for communication. Skype is too many steps when im already logged into facetime and whatsapp. This is a very cool addition for me to use. Nice work guys. Was an easy download and its already set up after a few taps! Lets see if i can get my mum to use it too! The true test!
@stefamini you can get your all family in there - up-to 12 people!
@ileibov that's great for my immediate family. Would have been cool to get my extended family in there. Let's say 50? ;)
Another grid-based photo/video messenger, similar to the recent Tribe. Why did you decide to focus on Whatsapp users, @ileibov?
@rrhoover thanks for the comparison, we love Tribe! WhatsApp is the biggest messaging app and its group chat is one of the most used features amongst its users, but we thought it's missing a very important real-time component - video chatting :) That's why we built Booyah to be a companion to it and to offer an extremely quick way to chat live with your friends and groups.
@ileibov how will you tackle whatsapp launching their video chat (rumoured to be soon)
@ileibov great product and smart use of Whatsapp social graph to grow. What do you see as your (planned) point of difference from a comparable Whatsapp feature?
@cjgreenough and @stefamini we're pretty positive WhatsApp will offer video calls soon (probably 1 on 1 only in the beginning) and although we currently use WhatsApp social graph, we've built Booyah to be able to be platform agnostic. So we'll be able to bridge between messaging apps and social platforms and become *the* place for you to video chat. Other than that, we're also planning on adding some goodies that will surely differentiate us from any video chat solution...
@ileibov Thanks. Can't wait for the goodies!