Bootstrap Studio

Create responsive websites using the Bootstrap framework.

Do you have an amazing idea for an application or a website? Bring it into reality with Bootstrap Studio! Now you can design responsive web pages with a simple drag and drop powerful interface.

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It looks really interesting, but without product demos or a trial period I just cant justify the purchase (even if it is %50 off today only)
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@tomfrauenfelder It's been 50% off since they launched. Ha ha!
What does the exported code look like? (Is it clean)
@alexshak It's as clean as it gets. Probably cleaner than most manually written code. It's nice because you can put comments on the .bsdesign files, which don't show in the exported files. You can even create a lot of JS/CSS files in it and minify it into one giant JS/CSS file.
Is there any video demonstrating its ease of use?
@lalo I captured a quick GIF for you. I've been pretty impressed so far. It reminds me of a light-weight Dreamweaver, but allows you to get straight to building much faster. I'm excited to see what it can do.
@carsonjonze awesome, thanks
This was built by Was in beta testing forever since a year or so and frankly the pricing is not good. Without a free plan / trial there is no way i am going to buy it even with 99% discount.
They just released Bootstrap Studio 2. This update brings support for multi page designs and JavaScript editing. It comes with a 50% discount. I think for 25$ it is worth a look. They also added earlier a live demo for Chrome as mentioned. Does anyone have experience with the exported code – is it clean?