Get paid to promote products you like

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 22, 2015
Thanks for the support Product Hunt! Before, only celebrities got paid to talk about cool products. My vision is to let everyone get paid if they mention a product/service/app that they like! I'm at TechCrunch Disrupt rt now. I have to say I love the tech ecosystem and am glad I created a startup that has helped "boost" other startups!
@heidihanyu This is what Affiliates do right?
@heidihanyu They are total scammers, this should be taken off Product Hunt.
@heidihanyu This looks perfect for us. Would love to promote our iOS app.
@francisco_ramos Cool app! Would be popular with our huge pool of fashion influencers
I love the idea and execution, but I'm struck by two things: 1) There are pretty much no companies on this platform yet. I know it's a chicken and egg situation, but there's no value for me as a 'booster' yet. 2) Will people continually monetize for micro-amounts? I feel it'd be better going for sign-ups/converts and higher amounts, rather than click throughs.
@gpat_uk 1) We have campaigns launch all the time. Please stay tuned. 2)yes, we do CPI and CPA too.
This seems promising. I am going to poke around and get my sock subscription startup: on there. I will be happy to provide an update here with some results. Thanks for posting this.
@zbijelic Yes please share your results
@zbijelic Cool excited to hear what you think.
@zbijelic interested to hear if you got good results from your campaign, as I'm considering doing one
@yonishechter it's a bit price right now!
@heidihanyu its just a bit pricey right now.
Looks really promising! We at are always hunting for the best way to make engage and reward our community - this is definitely worth a try! Big ups!
@hellohereisalex Thanks for the support :)