Boosted Rev

A new electric scooter from Boosted

Boosted Rev is a true blend of iconic design, vehicle-grade safety, and durability. We custom-built and manufactured every component, incorporating our proprietary powertrain technology to deliver the unbeatable performance and quality our riders expect.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Everyone's building scooters! Can't wait to unveil the Product Hunt scooter.
That kind of money in India gets you an electric scooter. Like an actual scooter with seats. Check
I'm happy to see the growth of electric scooters as a solution for last-mile city travel, but most of them are absurdly overpriced. Why on earth would someone drop nearly $2k on these when you can get Xiaomi's for $500?
@andrew2 Seriously! So many options and many times the exact same thing just unbranded being sold on amazon and aliexpress.
@andrew2 Because it will be better made, last longer, and look better.
@andrew2 I owned two $500.00 scooters. Fun, OK to drive. The reason I am dropping $1599.00 is safety, quality, ego and customer service. It is the same reason I purchased Mercedes-Benz and Lexus. Do we need all the stuff they provide, NO. Nobody does. Do we want it and can we afford it. Yes we can. This Scooter will be my 62 birthday present to my self. Fun stuff
Very f...g expensive
@vladkorobov Yes, yes 1599 yes. Not for everyone. Until it ships and some real customer reviews happen, may not be for anyone. In our world, you get what you pay for (sometimes).
Boosted is here to dominate the scooter market now. Really though, very cool. Excited to see how this fares out