Boosted Mini, Boosted Plus, & Boosted Stealth

The next generation of electric skateboards is here!

#2 Product of the DayApril 18, 2018

Boosted Plus builds on the heritage of our brand but is truly rebuilt from the ground up. Boosted Stealth raises the bar and sets a new standard for performance and speed. And, for the first time ever, Boosted is releasing two new short boards. These boards have been optimized for portability and maneuverability and are just super fun to ride.

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Doesn't look like these electric scooters are going to last around SF, time for Boosted boards to take over!
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@jacqvon Electric scooters just now need permits, they’ll still be around. The city wants them to comply like the bikes have.
Can you still push your board and use it when you don't have any battery left ? Or does the belt block you from pushing ?
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@sean_t You can still push, but there is some resistance. It will also slowly recharge the battery when pushing/going down a hill.
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How does this perform against cracks and bumps on the road/sidewalk? Always wanted to own an electric skateboard, but as someone who casually longboards, hitting a small pothole or crack on the road can send me flying. Multiplying that by the speed these offer, I feel like I could seriously hurt myself. Anyone with personal experience using these?
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@aaroniclee Boosted uses 85 mm wheels which make easy work of most cracks and bumps. The longboard has quite a bit of flex to it as well, which soaks up a lot of road roughness. Once you have several hundred miles on the board, your enemies will be careless drivers and wet pavement rather than road quality.
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@aaroniclee I have a boosted board, and I don't use it anymore, because of this. I fell pretty hard on a pothole that I thought the wheels where big enough to go through. Also I have the first generation with the single motor, so it doesn't go up most hills.
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Site seems down for me "An unexpected error has occurred."
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@thatmattgardner An unexpected error has occurred.
@orliesaurus Jesus christ the site fails if you have ad block on. How the heck did they let that happen??
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@thatmattgardner lmao really? yeah that's terribad!!
@orliesaurus @thatmattgardner Ha, you'd think at $1k a pop, they wouldn't be worried about serving up ads.
Always a fan of skateboards :)
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