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I'm increasingly motivated to buy a Boosted Board after watching @caseyneistat cruise through the streets of NY like a boss on his vlog.
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@rrhoover @caseyneistat Casey is to Boosted Boards as Ryan is to LaCroix
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@jackdweck @rrhoover @caseyneistat Beautiful sentence, well summarized :) I found one 😜 Casey Neistat is to Boosted Boards as Niv is to GIF.
@rrhoover @caseyneistat Whatever you do, wear a freaking helmet!
@rrhoover @caseyneistat best salesman of the boosted board in the world!
@caseyneistat makes me want one of these SOOOO bad Just saw that @pointlessblog bought two (picked them up from Casey haha) Boosted Vloggers on boards
@bentossell @caseyneistat @pointlessblog It's exactly like a Tesla, once you drive one you want to buy one. Same for Boosted, once I tried one, I ended up buying one a few months later. It's not perfect because it's a little heavy and first gen has limited range, but it's super useful and so much fun.
If you're thinking of getting one save $100 off the new Boosted Board by using my link. I'll also Paypal you half my referral bonus. Save $150 total! http://boostedboards.com/?ct-ref...
@georgelol That's some good marketing man. Those ref links are going to be all over the place soon.
This video of @CaseyNeistat riding to work on the Boosted Board makes me wanna get one 😬
Can't wait to see @caseyneistat review the 2nd Gen.