Boosted Board

An electric skateboard to solve the last mile problem

Looks super fun but damn, that's pricey at $1,299 + shipping. Here are a couple videos of the product: Introducing Boosted Boards, The World's Lightest Electric Vehicle -
Boosted Boards Amps Up Skateboards With Some Motor Power (Fast Company) -
Anyone know the status on Boosted Boards shipping? Has anyone tried one out?
Recently spent a month in Mountain View and was blessed to be loaned a Boosted Board to use. So awesome! It was incredible accelerating past cars when the light turns green. This thing is a magic carpet ride :)
@davecraige this should just be their promo vid.
Want one of these so bad, wish they weren't so dang expensive though :( understandably though, lot of tech in a small space.