Run performance desktop apps from any device.

Booste makes software that wraps around existing desktop apps (such as 3D CAD or video editing tools), runs them from a supercomputer in the cloud, and streams the experience to any device.
We're bringing the convenience of the cloud to desktop software.
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Hi everyone! I'm excited to do my first ever Product Hunt launch with Booste. Booste is inspired by my time as a Mechanical Engineering undergrad, when I'd hike through the Midwest winter snow in order to do my 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) assignments in the engineering computer labs. I had tried to run the apps from my "laptop" which was more like a glorified tablet, and the experience was so painfully slow that I quickly gave up and did work on campus with my fellow students, often staying in the lab until the wee hours of the morning. I made Booste for the engineers and designers, students and freelancers, who need an easier way to run the apps they love.
Always nice to see the future pop up in the now :) Quick question here, say I want to edit a video in the cloud (assuming video editing software is supported), how would Booste handle the RAW file upload process?
@alexanderspoor Hey, thanks Alexander! Our system just drops a folder onto your local desktop, and everything in that folder syncs automatically to the video editing app in the cloud. Upload times are pretty standard, and once they're up there, you can manipulate them, save them, move them from app to app, etc, as if they were local. The thesis of Booste is to make it so easy and familiar that you forget that you're even in the cloud. Regarding supported software: Currently, any free windows-native app is supported. As for licensed apps, they are not currently supported, but I've started talks with Adobe to get Premier licenses. Happy to update everyone as this matures!
@erikdoingthings Got it :) Thanks for the reply, looking forward to see Booste evolve over time!
We are slowly rolling product out in multiple cohorts, as features are added. Go to to get on the waitlist. DEAL: Include the code "PH-Launch" in the access request form, until October 1st, and get 50% off subscription through the end of 2020, a total value of $225.
Very interesting concept.
@ldover Thanks Luka! Happy to have your feedback.
Awesome! Just jumped on the beta access. When will beta be released and can this run on any device (Mac, PC, iPad, tablet, etc.)?
@lairdep23 It runs on Windows at the moment. The aim is to support MacOS within 6 months.
@erikdoingthings Noted will have to wait about 6 months for me but I'll be there!
@lairdep23 Edit: I can have this version of the beta ready on MacOS by October 1st.