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Boost Editor uses AI to analyze your writing for the five base emotions: joy, sadness, anger, anxiety and disgust. After you know what emotions your writing elicits naturally, the Boost Editor will suggest word changes to optimize your writing to elicit the emotion of your choice.

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João Vazao Vasques
Trell West
Jeff Nowak
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  • Pros: 

    Improves my writing at an affordable price


    400 word limit

    Boost Editor is a handy tool to have for any writing. The editor has a fruitful amount of synonyms to help 'boost' your writing. Highly recommended to all content marketers.

  • Trell West
    Trell WestContent Creator, Social Media Manager

    Does what suggested.


    The bot is weak in it's suggestions in my opinion. Understanding context is hard to automate. Also prepare to reformat your entire post.

    It's handy but would rather prefer an actual human to do this task. Perhaps illiciting an emotional response could segway into this type of premium offering where an actual human was involved. When writing I'd also like to get feedback on revision, grammar and overall general advice when paying for this service. I dont see myself using it all that often while missing out on those other necessary revisions.

    Trell West has used this product for one day.
  • Jeff Nowak
    Jeff NowakConnecting AI and content marketing

    Offers suggested changes I can actually use.

    Improve the diversity of my wording.


    Limited to 400 words at a time.

    Very good for emails, headlines, subject lines. Will need some expansions to edit longer my blog posts.

  • Andrii Khakhariev
    Andrii KhakharievApps that make copy better!

    In 90 percent of cases, does improve writing


    Can't edit bulks of texts

    Interesting product. Hope you will keep improving it

  • Evan Hosie
    Evan HosieCEO, Daily Candid News

    Boost improves my writing, mainly my pitch letters by 75%!


    I wish the Boost Editor accepted PayPal.

    I consider myself a seasoned writer but find Boost invaluable. I've recommended it to all my friends -- writers or not.