Boost Editor uses AI to analyze your writing for the five base emotions: joy, sadness, anger, anxiety and disgust. After you know what emotions your writing elicits naturally, the Boost Editor will suggest word changes to optimize your writing to elicit the emotion of your choice.

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Hello Product Hunt! Thanks for hunting us, Sujan! Two years ago, we were writing a daily email for students. The articles we wrote were designed to hit the right emotions. We’d spend hours sitting there, trying to choose the right words to make sure that it would. One night, we decided there was an easier way - use AI to tell us which words are better. So, we built the Boost Editor - as the intellectual Iron Man suit for writers - A tool to augment your already incredible writing ability - to make you faster, stronger, and more impactful. Here’s how it works - Copy and paste your text (less than 400 words) out of whatever writing tool you use - Analyze your text to see what emotions your writing is eliciting - Pick your target emotion (don’t know what emotion does what? We got you covered) - The Editor will highlight words that have synonyms to increase your target emotion’s rating - Review the suggestions - The Editor will never change anything without your say-so. - Words with a (+) sign will increase your target emotion, words with a (-) will decrease. - Re-analyze to see the impact of the word changes on your target emotion - One-click copy that masterpiece out of the editor and send it on it’s way. One more thing - since we built this for everyone we designed a pricing model that everyone can afford. Instead of a subscription model, the Boost Editor uses a utility model - you only pay for what you use. You can Boost a piece of content for just $1.50. For a limited time, we're offering extended free access to the Editor - just sign up today and the free credits will be waiting for you. We can’t wait for you to try it out and look forward to hearing what you think!

Very good for emails, headlines, subject lines. Will need some expansions to edit longer my blog posts.


Offers suggested changes I can actually use.

Improve the diversity of my wording.


Limited to 400 words at a time.

@Sujan Patel Thank you for hunting the Boost Editor! We love your content and it's been incredibly helpful in the early days of Boost Linguistics. Hoping everyone enjoys using our new tool.

Boost Editor is a handy tool to have for any writing. The editor has a fruitful amount of synonyms to help 'boost' your writing. Highly recommended to all content marketers.


Improves my writing at an affordable price


400 word limit

I like the idea, but the price is a little too steep for people who do lots of writing. Why do these type of apps cost so much? Grammarly is also very expensive.
Hey @erickbarron86 - we tried to design the pricing model such that our success is tied to that of our users - that the more content you're creating, the more successful you are. If you do find that you're creating more content than the pricing model allows, we are working on a subscription model for users that spend $100 or more per month. Thanks for letting us know !