Boost Convert

An app that helps you boost your conversion rate

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Boost Convert tools positively affect the buying decision of potential customers, helping you increase conversions rate using Social Proof & Timer Countdown.
The app is now available on Shopify for free.
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Chester McCall
Chester McCallMaker@chesterxmccall · Marketing Executive
The app is made to boost your conversion rate instantly. + Social Proof - turn existing customers into your brand’s ambassadors Create different types of notifications to show current customers' activities on your website: recent sales notifications, sign-up notifications, and checkout notifications. It helps to bring a live shopping experience to your online store, thus, urges visitors to buy fast. + Timer Countdown - trigger the fear of missing out to make customers convert Show real-time countdown timers on multiple collections and product pages to notify customers of limited sale time and low stock availability. Once customers are pressed by time and scarcity, they will make a quick decision to buy so not to miss a great deal on limited in-stock items.
The app is lightweight and easy to use. The best part is that it's 100% free. Really like it!
Sam Douglas
Sam Douglas@sam_douglas · Marketing Guru
Interesting. I like the countdown timer. But it restarts for every new visitor, right?
Chester McCall
Chester McCallMaker@chesterxmccall · Marketing Executive
@sam_douglas To create authenticity and better trust, it resets after the timer expired. Therefore, you don't have to manually activate or set up the timer again after it ends. Wish it'll be helpful to you. Sending our best love 😉!
Phuong Anh Ha
Phuong Anh Ha@phuonganhha · A dreamer, an adventure hunter
I've used a lot of other highly rated apps for social proof/urgency and this one takes the cake by a long shot. Really helps to increase my conversions. Best part is that it's free!
Nguyễn Phương Anh
Nguyễn Phương Anh@nguy_n_ph_ng_anh
Look nice, is there any option to move the notification to the top of the screen?
Chester McCall
Chester McCallMaker@chesterxmccall · Marketing Executive
@nguy_n_ph_ng_anh yes you can, you can adjust to place it on the 4 corners of the display! Simply head to Social Proof / Setting and you will find that option. Hope this helps! Cheers.