Buy and sell with a hashtag on Instagram/Twitter/SMS & more

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Hey everyone, we’re thrilled to launch today! Boost enables end-to-end transactions to occur everywhere using #hashtags. Buyers see the #hashtag, comment, tweet or text it within the apps they love, confirm via SMS and are charged instantly - no apps, no stores, no checkout.  Boost integrates with Shopify and Magento, or can be used as a stand-alone e-commerce solution. Happy to answer any questions and here’s our blog for more details -
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@dannyabas What a video! genius idea and implementation
@jakemor Hey Jake, thanks so much!
@dannyabas Guys, that's just brilliant! Love the idea
@dannyabas Awesome idea! I love it!
We built Boost to shorten the distance to the purchase. Our entire goal is to connect brands with their buyers at the places where they are already overlap. No more need to send someone away from social to make a purchase. OS agnostic, cross platform, global purchasing embedded in #hashtags. Boost! We will be around all day, please ask questions. Thanks @rrhoover / @jakecrump
@jmacias awesome! Does it work only in the US or worldwide? Italy here
@mrdobelina Hi Filippo, I should have mentioned. We are U.S. right now but supporting international in the very near future.
@jmacias Would love to help consult for you guys on the international side of SMS, can definitely prevent you from some typical pitfalls in scaling globally. Fire me an email
@hook_taylor will reach out. Thanks.
It's like Pied Piper. I understand what it does but how? :)
@vfdraganescu Hi Vali, I hope we don't have the same problematic branding as PP! On the buyer side, they sign up once and can connect social accounts to create a passport that allows them to transact on any networks they choose with the brands they follow. On the seller side, we can manage inventory or integrate with existing e-commerce platforms. Then when they post to social we have network approved applications that let us matchmake and execute the transactions. Thats the simple answer describing a complex solution.
@jmacias Hi Jaime, Do you need buyer's credit card when they sign up?
@burak_ozkan yes. Buyers provide credit card and shipping at sign up. They can then Oauth whichever networks they want to use it with or use the system solely over SMS.
@jmacias Good, why don't you choose mobile application instead of sms? Customer can make order via mobile app.
- Duplicating a Q/A from the Twitterverse: - @umarsaeed28: how do you guys handle product variations(size, color etc)? @jmacias: We provide a option tree via SMS to select options inherent to the product. Then we present your final selection to confirm. So the #hashtag is general to the product and the specifics are customized in the confirmation step.
Congrats on the launch. Sounds very familiar. We enabled this in 2011. P2p and social commerce via hashtag across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We have a patent on the application. Here's some early coverage. We pivoted away from commerce in 2013 because brands were, and remain, not set up internally for social commerce. ie: there is almost no buyer and no market for this type of solution. The commerce and social teams are not connected, and it's a monumental slog to get them to be. Not trying to rain on your launch parade at all. Actually trying to give you honest feedback. Let me know if you'd like to hear more about the lack of market or advice on navigating the social commerce waters.