Boomerang Insights

Insights into how you email combined with actionable advice

Get actionable insights and advice tailored specifically to you, based on your own email data. Insights into:
how you write email
how often you're getting interrupted
who you most important contacts and their email behavior
how effective your emails are
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Hi Product Hunters! I still can’t believe Boomerang turned nine years old in August. Over the past nine years, we’ve introduced a lot of new concepts that make people’s email inboxes work better for them: like snoozing emails, scheduling messages, pausing Inboxes to improve focus, or helping them write better emails with AI in real time. We realized while have done a pretty good job of innovating by building these tools; we still had some ways to go in terms of teaching people how these tools and concepts could improve their email habits or fit into their day to day workflow. We tried to figure out how we could do that. At the same time, we realized there wasn’t an easy way for people to see how their own email behaviors impact their productivity. We couldn’t find anyone helping people learn from their own data and giving actionable insights and introducing them to tools and concepts that can help. So Insights, we thought, could be a bridge between the two. Get insights from your own email data at a level beyond trivial stats and learn about better email techniques that apply specifically to them. We wanted to show you visualizations that show you how your email habits compare to a typical email user’s. They also show you how each parameter has changed over time, so you can locate the origins of each trend. But we wanted to do more than just show graphs, though. We wanted to give people personalized, actionable suggestions and tips, based on how you use email today. So rather than just thinking "oh, that's neat," you should come away with ideas like "I should try making my sentences shorter and more subjective" or "I should learn a few more search keywords" or even the self-serving "maybe I should give Inbox Pause a try, so I won’t waste 234 minutes a week from email interruptions.” I’d love to hear from you if you have uncovered anything interesting or unexpected about how you write emails, how often you check emails, or if you have been sending unintentionally negative emails to someone and bumming them out. Also I’d like to know if you have suggestions on how to improve Insights! Moah p.s: Also, this isn’t one of the official reasons we built Insights, but we wanted to settle an office argument. One of my coworkers and I got into an argument a few months back because he said he’s a joyful parade in my Inbox sending positive emails and I’m a rainstorm with negative ones (yeah, we’re email nerds) and we wanted to prove it. Unfortunately, he was right about my emails to him being distinctly more negative in tone than his emails to me. Oh well, at least I can now be more mindful of how I write my emails.
Great job!!😊Will check it out!