Books At Work

Book summaries for the whole company via email

Books At Work sends 20 minute non-fiction book summaries to all the employees in your company via email each week. Your employees who don't get time to read books can make use of these summaries to develop themselves. Hopefully, a company that uses will become smarter each day.

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Hi Product Hunters, This is Zaheer Baloch here, maker of This project has grown out of a pain that I have had myself for years. Reading books is hard and specially now when we have the social media distractions which eat up our time. Hence this idea where a company will invest in their employees professional development through rather than sending them to useless trainings. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions.
I like the idea. Just wondering if 20 minutes is not too long a summary? A page or two would be better, IMHO.
Thanks @ebrahimkhalil. Generally it would be around 10 to 15 minutes of reading material (think a long blog post on Medium), but some books have more knowledge/pages which is hard to summarise in less than 20 minutes.
@ebrahimkhalil Pus, we want to summarize in such a way that you get the whole essence of the book and generally can get away without reading the actual book. One or two pages would simply be Amazon or GoodRead reviews.
I agree with @ebrahimkhalil in that if I had 20 minutes to spare during my workday, I'd spend it actually reading the book. I'd suggest breaking up the summary into four, 5-minute reads that I could consume over coffee or while waiting in line somewhere.
@ebrahimkhalil @crispytwit Thanks Chris. I am working on adding options such that it sends you the summaries in broken up way each day... lets say on Messenger or via email....
If I suscribe to will I get the same books but $4 cheaper? What’s the difference on the personal plan?
This is a wonderful idea, Zaheer! We have a book titled Manager Mantras (here's the link: This book deals provides actionable practices to managers for effective people management. And we believe your app would be the best way to help us reach out to people managers. Can you help us get our ebook featured in BooksAtWork?