Keep track of all your books online.

Booknshelf helps you stay organized with all your books online. People use Booknshelf to discover great books, see what their friends are reading and sharing reading lists with others.

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Hi there PH community, I'm the creator of Booknshelf. I’ve been keeping track of all my books in different notes apps and always been super curious to see what others are reading. I thought it would be an easier if there was a simple website that does that. I’ve also created curated bookshelves of many entrepreneurs and famous people. I'd love any feature suggestions or critiques. Super excited about Booknshelf and so looking forward to explore the bookshelves you will create.
@tiggreen I'll try it if it has better graphics and UI than Goodreads!
@sorcadesign hope it catches on. Definitely looks like something I'd use more frequently than Goodreads
@sorcadesign Thanks Jessica! My goal is to make the graphics even better at the same time keeping it very simple to use. Less noise.
@falkoj @sorcadesign Thank you! I hope I won't disappoint you in the future! :)
Hey everyone! I've made couple big updates to Booknshelf and would love to hear what you think: - New cleaner and more visual UI - You can now follow different topics on Booknshelf. Topics are curated by us and updated daily. - You can now like your favorite books. When you like a book it appears in your profile under "Liked Books" tab. - You can now sign up for the newsletter to get updates when new feature come to Booknshelf. More updates are coming soon and I'm very excited for the future. Thanks, Tigran
@tiggreen I think it's better to rehunt every new version.
Looks matters
This is so helpful and great, Tigran. I mean it is so easy to find books from my favorite genres. The only thing I see missing is the overall look. I think if you get the UI and graphics right, this site will rock :)
@kaushikankita12 thank you so much Ankita! It means a lot to me! Yup, there is still a lot to do and I'm very committed to make it better and more useful! :)
Before we started building doopoll, I was building this app. So glad someone else did it! Nice work ✌️