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Violeta NedkovaHunter@violetanedkova · Creative Rebel Coach
Hey hey, long time no hunt. :D So I'm a big fan of simple, elegant website builders! Take a look, play around, and let me - and the makers - know what you think. :)
David KosmayerMaker@davidkosmayer · Founder and CEO @ Bookmark
@violetanedkova Hello I'm excited to be on Product Hunt. I'm the CEO / founder of Bookmark. We are an entrepreneurial platform which is centered around our drag and drop website publishing technology. We have in depth e-learning courses and community to help entrepreneurs be successful. I'll be around all day. Please ask me anything.
Rick Moby@rick_moby · Founder,
@davidkosmayer congrats man!! 👌
David KosmayerMaker@davidkosmayer · Founder and CEO @ Bookmark
@rick_moby Thanks Rick !
jonthebeef@jonthebeef · Product Designer. CEO @knockerapp
This looks great! A couple of questions: 1) How is it different to other services like Squarespace? 2) When will more templates be available? I need ones for both my own personal portfolio and then something for my sisters kids clothing idea.
David KosmayerMaker@davidkosmayer · Founder and CEO @ Bookmark
@jonthebeef Hello Jon, to answer your first question. Bookmark is not only a highly affective, best in class website creation technology we are an entrepreneurial platform. In-depth e-Learning courses, analytics, dashboard with notes, to do lists and our ask an expert community are all here to support small business owners to be successful.
David KosmayerMaker@davidkosmayer · Founder and CEO @ Bookmark
@jonthebeef to answer question 2) We have dozens of new templates that will be rolling out on a weekly basis to cover a wider range of markets. We found love to have a chance to cover your website needs at a Bookmark.
Thomas Burgess@ninjinka · Creator of Material Design Palette Deck
@davidkosmayer @jonthebeef Yeah I'm a little confused how the e-learning courses fit into your business model... they seem unrelated. It seems like your website building platform and e-learning courses should be separate.
David KosmayerMaker@davidkosmayer · Founder and CEO @ Bookmark
@ninjinka @jonthebeef Hello Thomas thank you for the question. Bookmark e-Learning courses are specifically catered to small business owners who are our primary target market. The 15.5 million SMB's between 1-19 employees. We want businesses who use Bookmark for their website to be successful. We like to look at ourselves as a one stop shop for entrepreneurs. From website publishing to education we support your success.
Mark Asquith@mrasquith · Co-founder & CEO of Pip™.
Excellent, looking into this with excitement - nice work!
Chris Pavlovski@chrispavlovski · CEO,
@davidkosmayer super attractive landing page and I really like the attention to detail. Looking forward to digging in further in the next few days.
Laszlo Levente Mári@noxowe · Dev / Consultant
Will these website builders ever stop coming? O_o