Bookmark Website Builder

Powerful yet simple drag and drop website builder

Bookmark is an AI-powered website builder which empowers people without any technical skills with the ability to instantly create an exceptional website. Bookmark’s AI software AiDA (your Artificial intelligence design assistant) creates the first version of their website in under two minutes by making selections from millions of combinations.

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Hey hey, long time no hunt. :D So I'm a big fan of simple, elegant website builders! Take a look, play around, and let me - and the makers - know what you think. :)
@violetanedkova Hello I'm excited to be on Product Hunt. I'm the CEO / founder of Bookmark. We are an entrepreneurial platform which is centered around our drag and drop website publishing technology. We have in depth e-learning courses and community to help entrepreneurs be successful. I'll be around all day. Please ask me anything.
@davidkosmayer congrats man!! 👌
Hey @davidkosmayer does this builder auto build info product sales pages? Likened to clickbank sales pages?
@robert_reece This builder auto builds pages from your Facebook but I don't think it would build them from clickbank.
This looks great! A couple of questions: 1) How is it different to other services like Squarespace? 2) When will more templates be available? I need ones for both my own personal portfolio and then something for my sisters kids clothing idea.
@jonthebeef Hello Jon, to answer your first question. Bookmark is not only a highly affective, best in class website creation technology we are an entrepreneurial platform. In-depth e-Learning courses, analytics, dashboard with notes, to do lists and our ask an expert community are all here to support small business owners to be successful.
@jonthebeef to answer question 2) We have dozens of new templates that will be rolling out on a weekly basis to cover a wider range of markets. We found love to have a chance to cover your website needs at a Bookmark.
@davidkosmayer @jonthebeef Yeah I'm a little confused how the e-learning courses fit into your business model... they seem unrelated. It seems like your website building platform and e-learning courses should be separate.
@ninjinka @jonthebeef Hello Thomas thank you for the question. Bookmark e-Learning courses are specifically catered to small business owners who are our primary target market. The 15.5 million SMB's between 1-19 employees. We want businesses who use Bookmark for their website to be successful. We like to look at ourselves as a one stop shop for entrepreneurs. From website publishing to education we support your success.
Excellent, looking into this with excitement - nice work!
@davidkosmayer super attractive landing page and I really like the attention to detail. Looking forward to digging in further in the next few days.
Will these website builders ever stop coming? O_o