Bookmark OS 2.0

Powerful bookmark manager with AI and a browser-based GUI

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Thanks @erictwillis Bookmark OS was first hunted over a year ago and since then a great deal of improvements have been made. Many due to feedback that I first received here, so thanks for that! The most significant is AI powered folder recommendations. Bookmark OS learns the content of your folders and gives you folder recommendations when creating new bookmarks so it's super fast to find the right folder. Other updates include: - Entire site is now responsive and works on any device. - Folder sharing: you can now share and collaborate on folders. - List view is now customizable and allows you to edit the type of columns and their order. - Chrome and Firefox extensions are now available. - Keyboard shortcuts: you can completely navigate and open bookmarks with your keyboard. - Tag filters: when a tag is active only items with that tag will show. This applies to items within folders as well. - Duplicate resolver: find all duplicates and easily delete. - Star items: star favorite items and easily access them. - Exporting: you can now export your bookmarks and folders. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback!
@erictwillis @drlynam hey, so can it import from my Chrome bookmarks, and export back to update them? like full to and fro sync with Chrome Bookmarks ? Bcoz I would hate any type of lock-in, though your product's quite worth it. I am aware talking of export to GDrive, as well as export to Chrome bookmarks (just for peace of mind). Great product though. Edit: 2 more questions. So, a lot of times I want to search for some specific content on a page. Just like you save a snapshot of the webpage, it would be great if you could save the text content as well, of course, that would be a lot of data so you could introduce a new pricing structure. Like this : ; Also, would be cool if your service had Zapier integration. For eg: bookmarks of Read tag could be sent to Pocket, or certain tags sent to Gmail, endless possibilities!
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@sha2 Thanks for the questions! Yes, you can import from Chrome and then export them and import back to Chrome (or any other bookmarking service). Both of your questions are on the to do list. We want to add the ability to clip specific text content using the Chrome extension. We also want to add IFTTT and Zapier for actions such as having a "Read" tag send the article to Pocket, Instapaper, etc. Please let me know if you have any other questions!
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@drlynam Cool. So, just to clear things up: let's say I start using Bookmark-OS(BOS) now ( I have about 4000 bookmarks in Chrome), then first i'll be asked to import them from chrome. Once, i start using BOS then whatever I bookmark, will they get saved to both Chrome, and BOS? Are there separate keyboard shortcuts for BOS ( for eg: what happens if I use Ctrl+D which is the Chrome bookmarking shortcut, does it get saved to BOS. similarly, in case there is different shortcut for BOS, and I use it to Bookmark a site, then does it get saved/synced to my Chrome Bookmark or do I have to manually export it from BOS and then import it to Chrome?) Also, when I export bookmarks from BOS, then do the tags get stripped off? because AFAIK chrome bookmarks html file doesn't have tags. Sorry, for the lengthy questions, I got the sync part, but just confirming if bookmarking at 1 place automatically syncs it to the other place. Thanks.
@sha2 When using Bookmark OS, your new bookmarks will not sync automatically to Chrome. You would need to do a manual sync by exporting and importing into Chrome. There are separate keyboard shortcuts for Bookmark OS (Ctrl+D will still save to Chrome and not Bookmark OS). When exporting, the tags are included. When importing again they will get included if whatever you are importing to supports tags.
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Just upgraded to Pro. Love it!
Do you plan on any mobile apps eventually?
@neurohacked Yep, iPhone and Android apps are the next big to-do items!
@drlynam @neurohacked Hi both. Just curious....(and because I really really reaalllly would love a good Bookmark app). Do you have an estimated idea on when that will happen?
@dudehere @neurohacked I do not have a reliable estimate unfortunately. But we have put a lot of effort into making Bookmark OS mobile optimized. It works really well in any mobile browser and you can add it to your home screen just like a native app!
Wow, I didn't think this was still being developed. So glad to see this big update. Thanks for your hard work!
Just finished trying it out. Looks great! Like a Dropbox for bookmarks. Keep up the amazing work!