AI-powered website builder. Smart, personalized websites.

Bookmark is an AI-powered website builder which empowers people without any technical skills with the ability to instantly create an exceptional website. Bookmark’s AI software AiDA (your Artificial intelligence design assistant) creates the first version of their website in under two minutes by making selections from millions of combinations.

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Hey, Hunters, This is Dave from Bookmark. Very excited to be hunted and happy to share our vision with the community! I built Bookmark with a simple purpose: to make it possible for anyone to build and grow an online presence. Bookmark takes a different approach to website building though. By using genetic algorithms, machine learning and some human-assisted elements, we’re able to provide every user with a website that is unique to them, their business and their industry. What makes us different is that we’re moving away from template-based website building and are instead using A.I to build personalized websites in minutes. All you have to do is literally choose your business type, answer a few questions and watch a website get built in front of your eyes. These websites are built by AiDA, an “Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant” by rapidly making calculated predictions on what sections, elements, images and design styles your website should have. If you aren’t happy with the website AiDA builds, you ask AiDA to recreate it until you are fully satisfied with the result. AiDA gets smarter with every new website by learning from every user’s choices and design decisions. We hope that as we gain more customers and learn what they like, we’d be able to save you at least 90% of the time and energy it takes currently to build the beautiful website you need. I’ll be here all day and would LOVE to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Any and every feedback is welcomed!

We welcome the creative element it has introduced to my previously boring business. Has sparked a new fire in our 20 year old business.


Very Simple to use, cost effective, brings our business to the forefront and inspires us to make it the best we can. Constantly learning.


Can be intimidating initially as all these marketing tools are to those of us not familiar with this type of technology.

Very cool use of AI in the website creation process! This has lots of potential. Sites look nice, this is what it made me in about 30 seconds with no edits yet (selected social media marketing as my business) -
Can you explain a bit how is AI involved in building websites? From a user perspective, it seems like you're just selecting a random template for me. What value is AI bringing here?
@vlographer Hello Ed, thank you for your question. To explain Bookmark's AI, a more fitting term would be machine learning. Bookmark individually categorizes each business into its own silo, these are then monitored as we learn what sections and order are most fitting for each business. We want to maximum user engagement for the customer's websites by fitting the correct sections and order to each business website. A typical Bookmark website has 4-6 sections which we call focus. These sections positions and type are ever changing as data is collected. We hope to create the optimal performance website for each different business type over the years as we learn more.
I am so excited to try my hands on and see for myself how is AI/Machine learning is used in this use case.It a powerhouse of information(e-learning section is really good) and free us from all the nitty gritty of website creation at the initial stage and concentrate more on the core.I think beginners can give it a try.Thanks to @davidkosmayer and Mike
@almassayyed Thank you Almas that is very kind words. We're glad you like Bookmark!