Track your reading habits and set goals

A mobile app which helps you keep track of your reading habits and motivates you to read more.
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This looks neat, but I wish it integrated with GoodReads.
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@parasight Yeah, it just makes me wish that GoodReads looked like this. But as nice as it looks, it's not going to compete with Goodreads' Kindle integration for me.
@cdkii For some inexplicable reason, Amazon has not enabled GoodReads integration on Kindles in Germany. I'd have to switch to a US account. It really bugs me!
@cdkii @parasight we don't plan to compete with goodreads or kindle, it is a simple utility app which we thought should exist. We are looking into some kind of integration but goodreads and kindle are making it hard to do it..
@cdkii I wished I could pitch a redesign to goodreads :)
Used this for awhile and it really is a nice looking, simple, minimal app to track the books you're reading. However, they lost me with not being able to track progress through percentage. Half of kindle books don't even give you page numbers these days and in those cases, the app became useless. This coupled with a few consistent bugs and I went back to Goodreads, which is unfortunate because Goodreads fails on so many fronts.
@socialjerm it was originally intended for people who love reading physical books but now we are looking into percentage support but kindle has its own progress tracker and bookmarking. In our research not many kindle users wanted to use the app but if you are interested I am sure there are others. It would be amazing if we could take the data from kindle right away I will look into the kindle API. Thanks.
@amritpaldesign even small page on kindle has more than 5000 page. And why just English for the book title? Really disappointed that I bought this app.
@paveldruziak it is not intended for kindle users, we do support multi-language input what iphone and ios are you using?
@amritpaldesign iPhone 6, iOS 9.3. Please, remove the limit of pages.
@paveldruziak ok sure lets get that done thanks for your feedback.
love it, but I'm not sure about 0,99 Eur tag. I guess you have good reasons for this, but freemium would fit it me better :)
I'm curious to give it a try, but concerned about the integration limitations others have mentioned. I think a better plan would be to have a free version that tracked just 3 books, and pay to upgrade to full features. Its a good looking app, but not sure how much I'd use it if it didn't easily connect to other reading tools.
So the problem is not having time, yet you expect us to input how much we've read. And then look back at how our reading speed has "improved"? Seems like a really big stretch between digital and physical for users that we are assuming don't have time to read.