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The best alternatives to Bookling are Literal, Startup Quote, and Quoteplay. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 20 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Bookling
The smarter, simpler way to analyze your data

  • Literal is the place to keep track of what you've read and discover your next favourite book through the people you trust. It's designed around the idea that trust beats algorithms when it comes to book recomme...

  • Awesome founders provide wisdom about making things

  • A tiny app that sends you one startup quote a day.

  • Find hundreds of motivational quotes for startups

  • Pocket doesn't really nudge us to read better OR to read more. We're attempting to build a layer on top of Pocket to solve that. Stats, tips & everything else you need to get better at reading directly inside P...

  • Readup is a social reading platform - the best way to find, read, and share articles and stories online. It's powered by a global community of readers and free-thinkers who vote with their attention. Articles a...

  • Readminder helps you manage all your books by categories It helps you track your reading progress in every month You can capture your favorite quotes and write some memo with them It also helps you remind the q...

  • Shine is the self-care community for all of us. Shine is on a mission to make wellbeing accessibleβ€”more representative, easier, and more connected than it’s ever been.

  • I'm Rithm, here to help you reach your goals, build better habits & stay motivated. By day I'll check in to see how you are progressing with your habits. By night, I'll be finding the latest research, strategie...

  • Candlewaster is an application that helps you gain the habit of reading books, you can track reading data and display this data with statistically interactive graphics.

  • Pageturner is a free community for book lovers. Reading in public and sharing your notes gives you valuable ideas and thoughts from other community members, and keeps you accountable.

  • Readminder - reading tracker app iOS version was launched! Readminder helps you manage all your books by categories It helps you track your reading progress in every month You can capture your favorite quotes a...

  • Avid readers know how difficult it can be to keep tabs on a growing book collection and that's where Book Track comes into its own by making it quicker and easier than ever to track your library and reading.

  • Reading List is an iPhone and iPad app to help readers track what they are reading and plan what to read next. Managing your books in Reading List is fast and effortless, and all data is privately held and free...

  • Discover new books and maintain your reading habits with one simple email containing a page from a book every day at 7 am. Wake up and read as you have breakfast. The way a morning should be.

  • For the price of a coffee, we give you a personal coach who will check in with you regularly and keep you on track with your goals. There is also a 4 week free trial, so there is nothing to lose! If you have an...

  • No more infinite reading lists and opened browser tabs. Add articles you want to read later to Dayly and it will suggest you some each day.

  • Dragging and dropping has never felt this good!

  • Do you smile when you see cute images of animals? This text bot will send you an animal image of your choice at a random time in the future!

  • GoalMap is a goal & habit tracking app that help you achieve your personal goals. Set your goals, schedule habits, follow the auto-generated daily todo list.